Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reggae Music

I stopped listening to Reggae music for a long long time because of my ex. It reminded me of him to the fullest. And honestly it still does, but it doesn't hurt as much now.

I have been listening to it all night by now and I miss it. I am not around as many people that love it anymore and it's never on and I never hear it. I don't understand why. It is amazing. The beats are so good.

My favorite band in the entire world is Steel Pulse. They are amazing. There has been so many different things about this band that make me love them but listening to their music right now reminds me of every single minute. I have seen them live every time they have come to New York, but they havent been here in literally YEARS.

Reggae music in my life means SO many different things. Basically all revolving around my life with my Ex. And the good times that we had. Yeah we had bad times, but when I look back on it, we had really good times and this kid would have done anything for me. And it takes being away from him and with someone else to realize that. And it really does make me sad when I listen to it because it only reminds me of the good things with him.

Reggae music to me...
my ex, T
live concerts
drinking budweiser outside our apartment and listening to reggae in the parking lot
parties every night at V and I's apartment
listening to Steel Pulse on music studio equipment smoking weed out the window in NYC.
many many drugs
the best moments of my life.
Ziggy Marley's album... driving to NH... ugh

So so many things and god I miss it all so much..... If i could go back and relive those days and make them last much, much longer, I would do it in a heart beat.

The song "Bodyguard" by Steel Pulse has soooo many meanings to me and my friends... basically reminding me of the time in college that involved my ex, and my two best friends. It was a crazy situation. Maybe one day I will explain it.

Do you love Reggae? Does any type of music have this sort of effect on you?

God I want to go back to Jamaica......



S.B. said...

Love Love Love reggae music and Bob Marley.

Favorite line...
"One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain."

And, like you, this kind of music will always bring back specific memories of my early 20's...

Great post!

Novelista Barista said...

thank you :)


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