Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Registry Galore


I was with my mother in Buy Buy Baby for 3 HOURS! 

Holy crap.

We have over 140 things on the registry.

Who would of thought that having a baby entitled SO many things?!

And these things aren't cheap either..... Crib, stroller, car seat, bassinet, play pen, highchair, bedding, bottles, bottle warmers, clothes, blankets, bath stuff, baby food, baby food makers, breast pads, diapers, wash clothes, hair brushes, ahhh..... and thats just like 10 things!

You should see the list of stuff they suggest that you get too... and honestly, you need every single thing on that list. 

It's crazy and out of control. The amount of different choices there are for each and every thing and which brands you should get and which are better to prevent colic... like, first time mother here, how the hell do I know which brand is better?!

Good thing they have people to help you, but also good thing my best friend had two kids and I saw which brands I should use.

Some important things:

I am choosing Avent bottles. I heard they were the best for preventing colic and controlling the air intake fo kids when they are drinking bottles. 

I liked the Graco stroller/car seat combo the best because it was easy to install, easy to fold and easy to put together. I don't need anything complicated when having a baby I need to deal with. I most likely will not be jogging so I don't need a specific jogging stroller. This is the specific link to the stroller/carseat combo. 

You need this! It is helpful for the baby to learn how to sit up.

This is amazing. It controls the noise regulation with nature sounds and it is a humidifier. 

I definitely found this to be helpful because it warms bottles within about 2 minutes. And timing is everything when needing a bottle warmed.

Need it.

If your insurance doesn't cover it, get this brand. They are the best, and it is the lightest product.

Laundry detergent for baby clothes ONLY.  

Those are only suggestions, but from being there for so many hours, I felt like I can help in suggestions on what to get. This will probably change once the baby comes but for now, I would stick with these definite essentials. 


Lacey Bean said...

I'm gonna share some advice with you about the stroller system I got from many people. You don't need it. Living where you do you won't need that large thing, and it is going to take up a TON of room and is crazy heavy. You can get buy amazingly with a frame for the car seat - they're usually called "snap n' go" or something like that. I had a Graco carseat and a matching snap n go. They're super lightweight, easy to manager, and it's awesome since you don't have to take the baby out of the carseat to put them into the stroller.

Hope that didn't come across as know-at-all-ish or anything. Just wanted to share! Happy to talk more if you want.

And I can't believe you were in the store for 3 hours! I didn't even go into the store - I did everything online!

Novelista Barista said...

awesome thank u for the advice!!! i am trying to figure out what will be easiest to deal with while walking around and getting in and out of car.

i had to do it in the store... online was such an awful experience for me! lol


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