Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pregnancy Problems: What does YOUR insurance company cover?

Finally on a day off during the week, I got to call my insurance company and see what it is that they actually do cover for me when i give birth. I almost just assumed they would cover everything, but I got to thinking, what exactly DO they cover? Since I am new to this insurance and have never had a baby before, these were very important questions that I needed answered before the whole birthing process. 

Some questions that I asked (and I am no expert...I just didnt want to end up with a $10,000 bill after baby girl is born). 

My insurance is CIGNA, and these are the answers that I got. 

Do you cover the whole birthing process?
Yes -100% of it, except the $500 deductible I have to pay once I am admitted to the hospital.

How many days does it cover me being in the hospital?
48 hours from regular birthing process
96 hours from c-section

What happens if I have a two day labor experience prior the baby being born?
It is judged based on medical necessity, so it will most likely be included into the birthing/labor process of 100% paid for but it is on case to case basis.

What happens if the baby is born early and needs to be in an incubator? 
Also determined on a case to case basis. 

Do you pay for a breast pump and which one?
Yes - 100% but ONLY if you got through the company: . So I called them and the process is: your doctor faxes them the prescrption for either an electric, manual, or hospital made pump and your demographic information and then the company will mail it to you. 

I hope that maybe this can help you in what you should consider asking your insurance company before the baby is born!

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Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

You have way better coverage then I did with my daughter - I think my insurance only covered 80% and I had a regular birth. :) My insurance also sent me a ton of books and vitamins.


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