Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Quickie I.T for Missing a Couple..

Yes, a quickie!

Since I missed a couple Interactive Thursdays, I wanted to just throw this out there since I just got back from a vacation, I wanted to ask you about yours!

Topic of the Missed Weeks:

What were your two or three best vacations and why? 


1. Spain/Portugal trip -- i loved Spain, it was beautiful and gorgeous and we were in Malaga, which is Costa Del Sol. Beautiful!! 

2. Costa Rica -- i loved Costa Rica just for the same reasons for Spain, it was beautiful, I learned a lot, a great experience. Different from Spain because it was a third world country. I really like third world countries, I feel like I actually belong there and I am not just a re re tourist who doesnt know anything. 

3. Venezuela --  because I went with my best friend at the time and stayed with her family and saw Venezuela and the cities and the beaches from a local standpoint --- craziest experience ever... my most vivid memory --- being in  a night club on New Years Eve night after the ball dropped and leaving the club and it was LIGHT outside and around 9am....   CRAZY :)  thats' how we do.  I dont have that many pictures online because that was before facebook lol.

Comments? Thoughts?! 



Practically Perfect... said...

My favorite vacations also include Spain (Marbella - 2 week honeymoon), Maui for 2 weeks, and St. Thomas for 10 days. Basically anything sunny, sandy, and with ocean access makes me happy!

Amy said...

My favorite vacations have been: Barcelona (Love it!), Istanbul (Amazing!), and 2 trips to Paris (Beautiful! How could you not love it there!). It is so hard to choose just 3, because I just returned to NY in April from 6 months of traveling abroad!
Thanks for sharing your favorite vacations, love the skyline picture of Spain, beautiful!

Moonjava said...

Wow, those are gorgeous pics! I especially love the house styles in Spain!

Hmmm as for fav vacations, I haven't really ever vacationed out of the country! I know, I plan on it after graduation and when I have a job to afford it! As for in country, NYC and LA/Pasedena are my favs!

My Wooden Heart said...

Always NYC for me. [i'm sure this isn't very exciting to hear because you live in NY] But it really is a great place, soo much to do and always celebrities to gawk at.

I also had quite the adventure with my boyfriend in Dominican Republic a few years back.

Love all your pictures!

TudorCity Girl said...

Amazing pictures! I sure don't have such awesome pictures from my Costa Rica trip.
As for the States- Cali is my favorite place to go (I live in NYC, it's nice to escape) and Australia/New Zealand are the most beautiful places I've seen!

nicole addison said...

luck you traveling to all those gorgeous places!! my top two would be puerto rico and nyc.. two completely different ones! nyc always amazes me and i just feed of the vibrancy of the city. puerto rico was an overall great experience, not to mention it was stunning there!

The Novelista Barista said...

New York and Cali def.... i WILL go to california one day!!! but other countries are also so amazing...

I want to go to India and Australia/New Zealand!!!

spanky* said...

girl, u make me feel so lame...

1) las vegas!!!!

2) Nantucket: even though I've been there a million times, I think going with you to stay with my aunt and uncle was the best. only because it was such a different trip than before.

3) Boston: we just had a blast. we gotta go back now that I can drink! haha

spanky* said...

oh ya... our future trip to Ireland will be my fav!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL yes... the future ireland trip will be awesome :)

Jane said...

I love visiting Lech, Austria. Its a tiny tiny town but it is perfect in both winter for skiing and summer for hiking.

#2: Jackson Hole
#3: Home ... when I live away, I always love to come home. :)

kathleen said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos... I heart travel.


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