Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Round 1 of Pictures - Peru

This picture process is taking me such a long time.. I was able to get 3 albums up on facebook but it kept telling me pictures had errors and whatever so it was a ridiculous amount of work. I am going to post some on here.. but I am also posting the links to the 3 facebook albums that i have. I really hope they work and that you can view them!

I have 1400 pictures.. and that is about 150... soo.... in time, they will appear!

I have so much going on right now, it is ridiculous. All I want to do is write about my trip in here and it will take me forever, I know! There was so much information and so many things that I need to share and think it will definitely help the next traveler to Peru, so that, in time, will also appear on here! Plus I will be adding pictures with that as well.

So here are a few!
Miraflores, Lima, Peru on the water
Me in Miraflores
The ocean
Macchu Picchu

Cusco, Plaza de Armas
Us in Plaza de Armas
The Strike in Cusco
Me on the steps at the church



KekeLynn said...

Amazing pics! Looks like an unbelievable trip... can't wait to hear more. That's one of the places on my list for "someday".

M.J. said...

There was a strike when I was in Peru that wouldn't let buses go by--the protesters were throwing rocks! The bus had to let us off on the side of some dusty road in some town. I wound up riding a tricycle-taxi (b/c of course there were people ready to exploit the situation) to the nearest town. Then I had to take one of those minivan bus things with like 25 other people. I love Latin America!

JAMIE GRAY said...

It looks so beautiful!!!

Andhari said...

Beautiful and exotic all the same time, all those unique buildings and cultures and people. :)

The Novelista Barista said...

Thanks!!! let me know if those links worked because I cant tell!

yeah third world is the best!

Children of the Nineties said...

Beautiful! I am sure I keep commenting this over and over because I think it every time you talk about Peru, but I'm dying to go to Macchu Picchu--that picture is amazing. Looks like you had a great trip!

for the love of pictures said...

Everything looks amazing and beautiful. I'm glad that you had such a fun trip :)

GARF said...

What can one say..i prefer WOW.
The pics are awesome. Everyplace i guess has somethings which when captured with the finesse displayed above, looks great. Kudos to your patience for uploading them for us. Nothing like a cam, a trip, a place of beauty and a special someone, packaged together....right?

jax said...

been there and i'm still jealous

Anonymous said...


nicole addison said...

and why did you come back again!? you would have had to tie me to the plane to leave that place :)

Shannon said...

Amazing photos! :)


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