Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a blah day

yesterday sucked. i hate thinking that i am going to get fired from this place because they have favorites and i wasnt one of them.

i dont even care about the stupid job, im sad that all my friends are here and i really, really like everyone that i work with. everyone is young and awesome, and it sucks to have to start all over again.

i just can't kick the sadness.

and i am trying, but it's so hard when everyone blows you off or you dont get enough money in or all that shit.

so its time to start looking for a new job :(

ps... only a couple more days for blogger secret santa! sign up now.



Mo Pie, Please said...

Sorry to hear you're so down :( Try to cheer up! Have some wine! Have some champagne! Some candy! ha ha!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that the job is going sour. I hate favorites. Teachers used to do that in my school. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to start looking for job openings elsewhere. I hope you feel better! =)

Simply Valorie said...

Sorry to hear your down! :( I hope things pick up for you in the next few days and you find a way to wake up smiling. <3


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