Monday, November 29, 2010

a lovely but sickly holiday weekend

love this picture :)

ahh..back to work.

i hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving weekend. mine was very low key, considering i have been deathly sick since Tuesday and have yet to get better.

I actually haven't drank or went out to a bar since last weekend and I honestly can't believe I didn't go out once this weekend. I think if i had been feeling better, i would have attempted it, but i didnt.

I did however accomplish a bunch of other things this weekend like catching up on watching movies! Elf, Along Came Polly, Click, Meet the Fockers, Sex & the City 2, Grownups, uhm.... many others. But it was great. I did a project for my class, hung out with M, and the best part, created an Etsy store!!!!

I am actually very excited about my Etsy store. I have many pictures that I can add to it, but I dont know if anyone would actually buy it.. but I am very happy! Please check it out and use the 15% discount code NOVELISTA at my Etsy Shop.

This is basically my attempt at being creative, so we shall see how it goes.
This is my favorite one so far....



Lauren said...

Love the etsy shop, I'll have to look and perhaps buy something when I have more time! :)

Feel better too!


Mo Pie, Please said...

Cute cute! Hope you're feeling better, I'm sick too so you're not alone! Its the pits!


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