Monday, November 1, 2010

boston, cell phones and candy.

hope everyone had a nice halloween! this was us on Saturday night, although it looks like im not dressed up because you can't see the bottom of my outfit : (  but i was a school girl.... with a plaid skirt. I think next year I will have to dress up more.

so boston.
it was great. unfortunately only one bad thing happened was someone stole my cell phone out of my bag when we were at the bar. :(  So... I have no pictures to post from Boston yet, I will later today.

thank god i have insurance and all my stuff saved on my computer so I didn't lose every single thing from my phone.

but we had a great time. We went to the Sam Adam's Brewery, took a crazy trolley ride to this Irish Pub, went bar hopping that night, and then had a funny experience with McDonald's and losing our car.

The next day we went to Salem to meet my friends at the Salem Beer Works and Salem was CRAZY packed. They wouldnt even let us in the restaurant because it was filled to capacity. But we finally got in and had some Blueberry Beer and then went home.

Overall..... it was a good trip, minus my cell phone.

How was your halloween weekend?

PS.... Check me out, I am guest blogging on Here I Scribble today!



pinkapplecore said...

oooh you changed your layout! and glad you had a good halloween!

Melissa Blake said...

Great costumes!

Torie Jayne said...

Happy belated Halloween! Have a sweet day!


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