Monday, November 8, 2010

what i learned these past couple of days.

1. Doing the right thing is better in the long run.
2. Telling someone they have 45 days to make a certain number that is unachievable and that if they dont, they will be fired, on a Monday morning is REALLY not the best judgment call.
3. Watching football ALL day on Sunday can get really old, lol
4. People cannot drive in the rain.
5. Victoria Secret wouldnt sell me a bag without the lotion in it -- so obnoxious!
6. Time change is the shizzz
7. What my next steps in life are are undetermined now that I got this news.
8. Knowing your going to get fired during the holiday seasons sucks.
9. I am not very happy at all right now.
10. Resisting the urge to look at M's facebook messages when left in front of me was very hard, but its better that i didnt because it would im sure cause drama.

Anyone learn anything good this weekend?



Mo Pie, Please said...

Yikes, sounds like you've had a bad Monday so far. Sorry to hear the bad news but maybe you can look at it in a positive way. Perhaps this is a sign that you're ready to move on to something better? Or perhaps it's just terrific motivation to push yourself harder. Who knows! I learned this weekend that Vegas and I don't really get along. That's about it :)

Namine said...

HUGS! hope your tuesday is filled with good news!

Heather Pranitis said...

I hope tomorrow is fabulous for you. We are all entitled to a bad day now and then...

Michael said...

I'm having a similar issue- pie in the sky, impossible numbers.

I look at it kind of like sports. I'll give it everything I have. If the results aren't enough? Well, I left it all on the field. I can't control your reaction to my work- I can only control my effort.

Good look.


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