Thursday, November 4, 2010

rainy day = review goals of 2010

today is such a blah day. i wish i was still at home sleeping. the backspace on my computer wont delete more then one letter at a time, so i have to press it many times to erase just one word. It's just one of those days.

can you believe it's almost holiday time? i am excited for it because we get days off. thats pretty much it. M has to work NYE night so that really sucks!

i wanted to review my goals from 2010 and see how far i really got... although i must admit that i didnt get very far at all and thats quite horrible!

So, here is my list.  Grey is the old,   Pink is the update.

1. Do more things to enjoy life... go outside, go out to dinner, hang with friends, decorate, smile more, motivate myself, go for walks, go hiking, go to museums, listen to more music, go to the beach in the summer 
    ~well...i did a good amount of this, between making friends with my ex best friend, decorated the apartment, went hiking, went to the beach, went to outdoor concerts and saw Collie Buddz.

2. Be healthy.... smoke less, drink less, eat more fruit, drink more tea, work out more
   ~definitely did NOTHING of the sorts, actually did MORE drinking. ughh

3. Write more... get over 500 followers on my blog, expand on my writing topics, take a stiletto boot camp writing class and get an article published
    ~well when i started my new job, i stopped posting because i used to do it at work... but i recently started posting again a lot so thats good! 

4. Go on vacations... wherever it may be, with great people
    ~Went to Jamaica, New Hampshire, Jersey Shore and Boston. 

5. Learn to say No.... to things that I actually don't want to do but do them anyway to make other people happy
    ~Eh... dont think i really learned this 

6. Read more... at like 10 books this year
    ~Think i read less... my job changed a lot of things and time in my life

7. Volunteer at the dog shelter more... I have been slacking and I need to change that
   ~I actually stopped basically altogether since the time that i get to spend with M is usually on Sundays and that was when i went to the shelter... but i did do some time over the summer at the stables where the puppies were. 

8. Acquire more fashionable pieces... bags and dresses
   ~Didnt go shopping this much this year... prob the cheapest year for me in clothing!

9. Pay off my class & my other credit card
  ~Paid off my class and slowly going down on my credit card, but now acquired student loans for my degree.

10. Always keep flowers in the house
   ~Sorta! had them outside 

11. Spend more time in New York City.. especially on my 25th
   ~Spent it in Jamaica!!!!!!!

12. Go on more random road trips.. there is never anything wrong with random road trips :)
   ~ehhhh not so much.

So... overall, not such a productive year. It basically had to do with the fact that I couldnt take that much vacation, I live far away from my job and commuting and working till 6, takes time out of my life.

Some things from this year....

1. Got myself a boyfriend!
2. Reconnected with my old best friend
3. Got into two car accidents, 1 not my fault
4. Going back to school to be a teacher!!!!!!
5. Met a lot of new friends at my new job
6. Learned to get to work on time.
7. Went to a family reunion
8. Went to Jamaica, New Hampshire & Boston
9. Had 3 cell phones
10. A kidney infection
11. Have NOT moved this year!!  1st time of staying put in 8 years.
12. Have NOT run into my ex
13. Almost falling in love.
14. Someone someone get stabbed and killed
15. Went to Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets games
16. Cooked and baked...and actually wanted to.
17. Learned who I was, besides just being someone's girlfriend.
18. Duh, and got a new job... forgot this! haha
19. Found out what alive at five in Stamford was!

Not the most exciting year of my life, but after 2009, i am a allowed a slow year!

Have you accomplished anything on your goals list for 2010?

Ps..dont forget about blogger secret santa!



Jennifer Fabulous said...

Awww well now I don't feel so bad about not doing everything (er, anything?) on my new years resolutions list. Lol.

It sounds like you had a pretty decent year though, despite some of the negatives. Actually it sounds like a pretty freaking eventful year for you, which is awesome. I hope 2011 is better for all of us though! xo

Claire Kiefer said...

So funny--at the end of every year, I make a similar list detailing what happened that year. I'm already starting to think about the "year in review" and what I'll be able to say I did on Dec. 31st. The other day I was thinking that if I made a "Today I _____" list at the end of every day, it would maybe encourage me to be more productive so that I would be able to reflect on it at the end of the day--who knows.


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