Monday, May 18, 2009

Giving Back

Happy Monday!

Today actually doesn't suck that much..... I think because I don't care and I am not really trying that hard anymore.... All the better day to give out blog awards!

(just thought this picture was hilarious!)

I wanted to give out some awards. I don't know the process to this but I am going to try it out!
I really want to make up my own, but until I get photoshop, that will be impossible!
SO here it goes:

The Funky Blog...

Goes to...

1. Children of the Ninities: for always providing me with great funky flashbacks!
2. Apartment 10: for always putting up funky awesome pictures and quotes!
3. Musings: for providing funky random updates!
4. Class & Coffee: for having a funky background and coffee!
5. My Teacups in Peony: for providing me with funky information to read!
6. Intelligence is a Curse: for having a funky background and many funky blog posts
7. Someday I'll get There: for being so funkily (not a word i know) awesome!

I could give out a million awards all day long since I follow SO many of them! But thanks for making my life more entertaining :) and sticking with my NB fabulous-ness!



katie diana said...

awwww thank you!!!

Children of the Nineties said...

Thanks! And that picture really is hilarious.

the girl in stiletto said...

thank you so much!!!! xoxo

Andhari said...

LMAO at the cone person, someone actually wore that? out of fun?

Anonymous said...

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