Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interative Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday!
I am going to Peru in two days.... well less than two days kind of.. I am nervous/excited/mixed feelings... should be interesting.

Topic of the Week:

I was having this conversation the other day, thought it would be a good topic for here.

Are power-abusing cops also crooked cops? Is there a difference? Which is worse?

My Opinion:

I believe that they are different in some ways. Power-abusing cops are not always crooked ones. For instance, a cop who is an asshole and was picked on in school and only became a cop so that the could have a gun and punish people with giving them tickets for NO reason --just because they could.
A crooked cop I think is different because yeah they might give out tickets but they would steal, lie and cheat to get to the top. They will plant evidence, pretend to be your friend and back stab.
Although power-abusing cops are not the best people in the world and they are out to get you, many of them aren't corrupt.
I feel like that in order to get ahead in the cop system, you have be to corrupt. If you aren't you won't be promoted, you won't get treated like you want to be treated. Have you ever seen the moving Training Day with Ethan Hawke (btw who is SO hot) and Denzel Washington (even hotter) or the movie with Samul L Jackson... where they frame him for the murder of his partner, can't think of the name. But those are great movies that show examples of crooked cops who ALSO abuse their power.
There isn't an extreme difference between the two, but I can say that I believe there are power abusive cops who are not corrupt... yet.

Opinions? Comments? Thoughts?!



Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Although both are similar .. I do agree that power-abusers and crooks aren't exactly the same.
Power-abusers thrive from making others feel small and will use their position to get certain favors and advantages from other people.
Crooks will do immoral and sometimes illegal things to get in a position of power (and possibly become an abuser of said power).

In my opinion : some crooks become power-abusers..but power-abusers aren't necessarily crooks.

Make sense ?

Anyhow, have an excellent trip and try to take it all in :o) it'll go by too quickly !

Fidgeting Gidget said...


I don't think power-abusing and crooked are the same....I think they both have big egos, but I think power abusing one have more of a respect for the authority they have than ones that are blatantly crooked. I don't know if what I'm trying to say is making sense, but I think they both suck!

Andhari said...

So exciting, two more days and you better not forget bringing a camera with you lol will you post there?

The Novelista Barista said...

Yes everything you have written makes sense....

I totally agree.

Although i really do hate cops who give me tickets for NO REASON or are sitting all over the highway causing serious traffic, or abusing people because they can AND get away it.
But i think crooked cops are much worse, and if they - not that its ever happened to me, but i've seen enough movies - tried to frame you, you could NEVER win that.

Thats what freaks me out about government and authority figures.. they just know so much about you..

Anywayyy,, YES i will bring my camera!!! :)

the girl in stiletto said...

weeeee~~~~ peru!!! happy happy peru!!! oh yes... ethan hawke IS hot! :P

regarding the power-abusing cop & crooked cop, well i think there are some cops who only abuse their powers but that doesnt mean that they do crooked things like bribery & such. this is situation is like two circles overlapping, with the overlapped part consisting of crooked & power-abuser. :)

Sarah, The New Girl said...

Peru?!?! In TWO DAYS?!??!?! Lucky!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!

As for power-abuse vs. crooked-- I agree that out of the two, the latter is much worse. But, I think both are bad-- crooked is simply the lesser of two evils.

Practically Perfect... said...

Have a fabulous time in Peru!

Iva said...

Have a great time in Peru. Safe travels! Look forward to hearing about it!

nicole addison said...

I agree with you.. I think you have a bunch of cops that were picked on in school and this is some sort of revenge to them. They were never respected and now they think since they are a cop they are above the law and can talk down to you. I've wanted to smack some of them before. I've met few cops that do the job soely to protect people and to keep us safe buy I'm thankful for those who chose that job for those reasons. When I see movies like those that you listed I realize how naive I am to everything. How could you be so corrupt to abuse the power you have. It's crazy. You're posts always get paragraphs out of me! And yay for Peru!!! How exciting, can't wait to see pictures!!

Erin said...

Have a wonderful time and breath in every second of it. Travel always rejuvenates the mind.

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for an award on my blog. It's the "Queen of All Things Awe-Summm" award. Check it out if you have time.


Sumit said...

Wow! I've only seen pics of Peru, and it does seem like a beautiful place!

As far as cops go, they're probably a species I detest far more than roaches and taxi drivers. I've never known an honest cop, so all I can compare are crooked cops, and crooked, power-abusive cops. Obviously, the latter are worse, in my reckoning.

The Novelista Barista said...

GREAT POINTS... You must read the post i just wrote today about my ironic event that occurred last night!

Together my bf and I have some great luck!!


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