Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 Words

Love is.

Naturally Nina posted a cute little post about what love is. She asked what two words we all associated with what love is. 

I choose

Friendship            &                Smiles

Because without those, you have nothing. 

You start with friendship, you move on to love .. continue the path to marriage, make your way through that and then children and your long infamous life together. I know smiles seems like an odd word to use, BUT if you do not have that consistent happiness/laughter/fun/anything to do with that in any of the steps above, you have not lived to fulfillment.

You can't be in love with someone you don't like and doesn't make you happy. Well... actually I take that back. YOU CAN. But you will be miserable. IF you 'love' them, but you aren't friends, care nothing for one another, and never laugh, you really aren't in 'love' you are almost in 'hate' with each other... and too stubborn/comfortable to quit.

That is my definition. Maybe sometimes it doesn't happen, but that's when you know it's time

Time to dye my hair much darker and go to the Wine & Food Festival!



The Girl of Make Believe said...

I really like the words you chose. I have no idea what I'd have picked, I'll have a think about it.
I really like the pics too, I remember writing 'Sarah loves ...' (whichever boy I was head over heels with) on my hand when I was in school lol.
Thanks for sharing xox

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Decided on my words they'd be: happiness and passionate!

pinkapplecore said...

hmm... its hard to chose two words to describe love.

Trust and Happiness

Iva said...

awesome pictures! I'm not sure I can limit my pick to two words! :)

Sumit said...

Beautiful! I think those are probably the two words I'd have chosen too. :)

The Novelista Barista said...

yeah it is hard to choose just 2 words.... but i figured those are best... BUT
if i had to choose another two words... it would be PASSION and TRUST

marathoner81 said...

a wine and food festival...two of my favorite things...Please please write a post about the wine and food festival!!??

Andhari said...

patnership and happiness?:)

Relationships may get dull after a while when two people are already so comfortable, so each person has to make it still fun even after a while, I think..

M.J. said...

My boyfriend and I were good friends before we started dating, and now we are heading to marriage. We have a ball together and get along wonderfully. So, your view of love and happiness seems dead on to me.

The Novelista Barista said...

awe thats so great!!! u have nothing without friendship!

Bird* said...

aww. my version:

Love is: said...

i totally agree. u can not like someone but love them. i have done this... twice! (u would think i would learn right?) Great post ;)


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