Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Need of a New Handbag

I am so glad its not raining anymore.

I am the pickiest person when it comes to buying a bag. I have been through many different brands, no brands, china town bags, big store company bags, Target bags, Kohls bags --you name it, I've had it.

I only bought a Coach bag once, and I am beginning to think it was a total waste of money. That was a long time ago and I have yet to buy once since. There was this white, leather Coach bag that I am/was obsessed with, but they discontinued it and I am so sad because I cannot find it anywhere. But other than that one Coach bag, I really don't like there products. They are kind of tacky and WAY to expensive to be tacky. The white bag looked something like this one, but a much older version.
Ah love.... loved that bag :(
I recently bought a Michael Kors bag from Macy's --It was on sale 50% off. Amazing! I never really bothered to look into Michael Kors because I knew the pricing was ridiculous, but I had a gift certificate and it was discounted, so I only ended up paying $100, which was awesome. It looks similar to this except white and more square..

Then there is Kate Spade, whom I love. She has really great bags, and if you have never checked out her website, do it because it has a lot of funky stuff on it. The only thing about her is that she is totally hit or miss with her products. I bought a couple bags off of her website and they came in the TOTAL different size than I thought they would and weren't as great as i though they would be either. So that sucked. But like this bag, I like a lot; just really expensive

When I went to Shecky's Girls Night Out, I bought a cute bag from there from this place called Edge NOHO in NYC. It was a leather purple hand bag that was really small. They don't have pictures of there bags online, but check them out if you live in New York, they have really nice bags!!

I am too picky. I am looking for the perfect bag. I have yet to find it. I have looked everywhere; in other countries; in millions of stores. I will probably just need to design my own. But I have noooo idea how to do that! Any suggestions of where to find the "perfect" bag?

If only I were rich so I could buy a million dollar bag ahha no, I dont actually wish that. I really wish some celebrity would just give away there millions of bags they dont use to poor little not rich girls like me! :)



Children of the Nineties said...

I feel your pain, I have been searching all over the place for something new. I got this Isabella Fiore bag ( but in brown) ) and I love it for work, but it's sort of an awkward size/shape for every day.

I love all the new Michael Kors leather stuff, though it's super expensive. Jimmy Choo bags are also gorgeous, but of course ridiculously pricey. If I find anything reasonably priced you'll be the first to know :)

Margarita said...

Save your money up and buy something classic. I purchased a YSL Tribute tote in black patent leather, and it's seriously my go to bag. Perfect for any situation. Saying that, I retired it for a month or so and brought it back so it's still fresh... Good luck!

The Wife in Stilettos said...

ooooooh! i always love a good bag. i may talk shoes a lot but i love my bags more than my shoes! it's strange that i have bag brand loyalty, that's why my recent buy was still a coach (i should change that).

i hope you find your perfect bag!

Moonjava said...

Lol, I'm still looking for a bag! Everything is either not my style or wayyyyyyy too pricey for my student budget! I'm liking the Michael Korr's stuff that I've seen at TJMaxx, I'm also liking some of the B Makoswsky (sp?) bags. Some of Tignanello's stuff is pretty nice looking as well!

Coach's stuff I'm not thrilled with this season or the last couple actually. They're getting way too flashy for me. There's one style I like called the Cricket I think, but they're only available in yucky colors (I just want something "plain" and simple, no metallics and no pink please. I want something work appropriate!

BTW, hard to know that I'm into purses...I think it's all my mom's fault for getting me started on designer purse "buying" or shopping. :)

The Novelista Barista said...

i knowwwww! im such a pain in the ass.... i will never find the perfect one i swear!
my mom def. is to blame for this bag habbit of mine. I get sick one of so quickly that I need a new one the next month..
I am not one of those people that changes bags for each occassion... i get lost if i change too many times ill leave something out that i need and so forth.

Anonymous said...

I think somtimes that being picky is actually a good thing in some ways. Unlike me, I have so so so many choices and sometimes I fall in love with like 3 or 4 bags at once that I wish I could buy them all but I can't so I have to choose 1 among the 3 or 4 and it is so hard. Haha.

I bet once u get your bag finally, you'll love it and it will be worth it because you took your time to finally decide in investing in that particular one. GLuck!!

xanabioticx said...

i like the green handbag the best! :))

Mrs. C said...

I love handbags too! I have lots of them. I'm not much into brands or high-end - I just care whether the purse fits my needs, is big enough and feels good on my shoulder.

I recently got one from Kohls and it started falling apart so I took it back. *Note to self: no more Kohls bags.

I splurged at Xmas and got a Fossil bag and I really loved it. I'm kinda girly and like Vera Bradley too. I just got a purse for my birthday and I don't know who it's by but it says "reflections" in the inside. Cute purse.

Anywho...good luck on your purse hunt!

katie diana said...

Have you been to Century 21 in NYC? My roomie finds Kate Spade there all the time.

ALSO, Tory Burch is definitely worth looking into, i love, love, love her stuff and she is having a sample sale in NYC at the end of the month! I'll let you know when i have details.

M.J. said...

The green bag is oh-so-cute!

The Novelista Barista said...

Thats AWESOME! THanks for the informaiton. I have heard of Century 21 but have yet to go there.. I MUST go there! Def let me know when it is!!
one day... i will find it!! :)

Socially Conscious Darling said...

I'm obsessed with purses also. I spend hours on the computer looking at them. I'm not a fan of Coach either. I hate companies that plaster their name all of their merchandise.


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