Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out With The Old.. In With The New

This year has been crazy.

We had a love/hate relationship.

There were many things about this year that were cool, and then a majority of things that were absolutely horrible.

I know that it could absolutely be worse, and I am glad that it was most definitely not. I am hoping for 2010 to bring me something good.

I wanted to recap my year because I usually have forgotten most of things by now so I wanted to attempt to write some down before the year ends so I can start fresh.

2009 was the year of...

t and i breaking up

t and i moving out

traveling to costa rica, peru & california

losing 25 pounds

moving into an apartment with cherry

being single

most depressing summer of my life

losing some friends with the break up

making new friends as a result of being single

reapplying for my same job

watching many of my friends leave, quit and get laid off

starting my blog and successfully sticking with it

beginning to learn who i really am again

paying off a credit card

taking two graduate classes

spending new years of 08-09 without T since he just left and went to Africa

spending a whole month alone because T wanted to go away by himself

seeing that people actually do like me... and want to be with me

finding that there are other things in life besides unhappiness due to men!

meeting a lot of cool new people

After writing that, it doesn't look so bad. I guess because I was crazy depressed for a good amount of the year, that made it feel worse than it was. Everything seems to be more decent now. I know I went on all of those trips and I am so excited that I got to do that and I don't regret anything, I just wish that I didn't have to go through all of that shit with T. So my goal of 2010 is to make sure I am happy and keep going from there.

I definitely did not foresee this year playing out like it did! I should have based off of how 2009 started.

High hopes here I come!



Alicia said...

i hope 2010 is much better! a fresh new beginning!

Jaime said...

Totally agree with this out with the old mantra- 2010 just feels fresh to me. A fresh start is needed in my personal and professional life. I cannot WAIT! :)

Brittney said...

I am actually optimistic for 2010, which is odd for me, lol. It sounds like you had a pretty eventful year. I was doing the same thing... kinda putting 2009 on paper and stepping back to go.. hey, it didn't entirely blow! ;-)

angel6033 said...

you r year seem filled with a lot of adventure and a lot of life lessons that you will carry on to 2010. I wish you the best 2010 ever!! I think this year can really be the one for you to shine, you are armed with peole that love you and a whole new presprective on realtionship and the meaning of loss. You will fo faboulous! and I cant wait to be here to see you blog all about it!!

Ashley said...

Even though some parts of your year sucked (I understand, believe me) I'm glad you have a positive attitude about it. That'll make all the difference for 2010!

Micaela said...

amen to the graphic! lol this time last year i was going through the most depressing heart-ache of my life. and now i'm about to move to be with the best guy that could have ever taken a chance on me. Life is funny isn't it?

sometimes you have to go through the hard stuff to realize how strong you are... i believe that. i had no idea you went through that, poor thing. is it strange i love you even more? because i admire strength and courage (and even pity parties from time to time).

picking yourself up is not always the easiest but i have a feeling this will be YOUR year. it will be. And i'm so glad to be a small part of it ;)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

hell yea for 2010, i'm with you!

Steph said...

See, even perfect strangers want to be around you :D You're going to have a good 10!

Alicia said...

i love new years and new beginnings! i agree, 2010 is going to be great. ;)

Elizabeth Marie said...

2010 FTW! I am sooo with you girl, I posted basically the same thing but I love how you listed things out. It's good to see what you've accomplished even though its been a shit show. lol


52 Faces said...

Only one question: 25 pounds, how did you do it?

I don't need 25, just 5 would be awesome. Spill it.

The Novelista Barista said...

STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! as horrible as it was, at least i lost 25 lbs. lol!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

What a rollercoaster year '09 has been for you. Wow. It was life-changing, wasn't it?
I hope 2010 is filled with MUCH more happiness than sadness for you. You totally deserve it. xoxo!

The Novelista Barista said...

life has changed so much its crazy what can happen in a year.

radiogael said...

FUCK 2009, fuck it in it's tiny crusty stupid fucking ear. Skull fuck the shit out of the year until bits of 2009's eyes come out of 2009's stupid fucking nose.

Roll on 2010, let's all have a fucking hoolie and take this new decade by the balls!

It's time that we have now to shine. We're mostly, what, in our 20's? This next decade belongs to us!! Let's use it to fix this place


The Novelista Barista said...

so true conor so true : )

nessabirdie said...

You are not the only one!!! Good luck in 2010!


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