Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Portsmouth, NH

I was inspired by Naturally Nina's guide to Boston, please check out her blog it is great! So I just wanted to share my favorite places in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in case you have a chance to go there.

First off, New Hampshire has beaches (many people dont think they do) and yes, its the ocean. And its beautttiful. If you can go during the fall, DO IT. Best time ever. The summer is awesome too -- winter, not so much.

My favorite places that make Portsmouth my home away from home.

  • Friendly Toast

best breakfast food ever. click here.

  • Breaking New Grounds Coffee shop
They have all this coffee from around the world and its a HUGE place and they have an outdoor seating area. What else could you ask for? They don't have a website.

  • Serendipity
picture from their blog, please check it out Serendipity
I have bought many cute dresses and bags from them every time I go up there.

  • Bullmoose Music
They have the best music here, and it's great because there aren't many independent music stores left, and it's awesome that this place is still remaining. Check out their website.

  • The Port Inn
My favorite place to stay while in Portsmouth... although in the summer its kind of expensive. But worth it! Visit their website.

  • Warren's Lobster House
Although this is in Kittery, Maine, it is like 5 minutes across the bridge from Portsmouth. They have the BEST lobster and I would recommend it to everyone! Visit their website.

  • Fat Belly's Pub
I like this bar because it's a good time. There are a lot of other bars, but too many to name. Here is their website. Another good one is The Press Room.

  • Route 1A -- The Beach --Rye -- Hampton
Beach in Rye, around Route 1A

Beautiful!!! Wouldn't miss it for the world!

There is a lot more, but those are just a few key places.



Ali said...

I love that Friendly Toast place! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. Growing up in PA, I wish I knew about this place. It would've been much better than the New Jersey shore. Ick!

Kris said...

Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL yeah its def better than jersey shore and less developed than cape cod!!!

India Daisy said...

Ah man, now i am very jealous! Love the FRIENDLY TOAST, made me smile :)

Kristina said...

My best friend lives in Salem, NH and I love visiting b/c they have a beach house too and in the fall its beautiful.

GARF said...

I am impressed....there is so many to go...wonder if someday i will be able to. I know i wont be...thats why when someone posts the pics with all the references and details, i feel so great. thanks for being an interface to another such a wonderful world. You are lucky...

The Novelista Barista said...

awe Garf!! maybe one day!!

naturally nina said...

Yay!! I love it. And I'd love to check out those places some day. It's not too far!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the seafood there was amazing. But I'm also willing to bet that winter there is no joke!


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