Friday, July 31, 2009

Q from you, A from me Part 1

Everyone, great job btw, it has kept me VERY busy and this is probably the hardest thing ever! I thought they would be easy questions, but NO! You guys want deep information! lol, thanks for asking and i hope you enjoy the answers!

All you ever (literally) wanted to know about Jen, the Novelista Barista!

mysterg said... If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

--i would change the fact that i left high school in three years. Yes there was a lot of drama when i was in high school and i hated it sooo much (one day ill get into that whole situation). I would like to change that because i feel like i graduated everything too early. I was so eager to grow up and now i am so eager to go back in time and like see people from high school and visit my town i went to school in. Its kind of sad, because I go back and im like, damn, if i didnt have all those problems in high school, things might have been different and I could have enjoyed my time in CT more. So if I could go back, I would have stayed and just stuck it out for the last year of high school instead of going to college early.

Lyryn said... Thanks for the congrats on my blog! I don’t know how to do these either! Like… are we allowed to ask you anything? What is your deepest darkest secret? Or if you can’t answer that one; what is your deepest FEAR?! Good?! :)

---My deepest darkest secret...I cannot share that with you! lol I would but... I don't know, I like to forget it even happened. SO... well go onto deepest fear: My deepest fear(s) ((because I can't choose just one)) I would say are dieing in some sort of freak accident and becoming sick (like with cancer or something along those lines). I just think about how people just die for no reason --someone kills them in their car, freak accident, builders, fires, walking across the street, getting raped, mugged, robbed... I mean it is just horrible. And i dont know how some people get picked by whomever/whatever is it (the grim reaper if you will) and I am afraid that its just going to be my day too soon and I wont have lived out my life like I have wanted. And i know that a lot of people havent done that before they died but I would like to make it to like 60/70 or something like that. And another thing I am afraid of is getting a deadly disease, like cancer and having to suffer and go through chemo and everything. I know people who have done this and it is just absolutely horrible and I would rather not.

pinkapplecore said... okay, hmm must think of a good one. hmmmm.... what was the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

--The nicest thing anyones ever done for me..... hmm... this is probably the toughest question! Hmmm.... it would have to be... when my car broke down in the middle of the road on a hill, and i had a chevy blazer at that time, so i was freaking out because i was LITERALLY in the middle of the road, and didnt know what to do... so i tried to push it, and obv. that didnt work LOL, and these garbage men drove by me and they turned around because they told me that they "felt so bad for me that they had to turn around to help me push it off the road". So THANK GOD for them because we were able to push it to a side street so that I could wait for the two truck.

Thank god for nice people :)

Sonja said... oooo i like the one above me! lolhmm. how about...who inspires you the most?What is your favorite coffee drink? haha :) & If you could go anywhere, where would you go & why?
--LOL lots of questions :) like ittt

Okay.... I get inspired when i read blogs and i look at artistic things. For instance, when all of the bloggers that I follow are so artistic and write really aspirational things, it makes me want to do the same and i LOVE it. I cant believe I waited so long to start a blog! This was the best thing for me, because seeing other people who were inspired everyday, made me want to find reasons to be inspired everyday and it worked. ALSO... being in coffeeshops really really inspires me, especially very unique, independent ones. Unfortunately I have worked in all of them where i live already, so i have run out of cute ones to go to... so thats why i need to move somewhere else! Awesome quotes and songs inspire me as well.

Renee[Q][C] said... What are your thoughts on Health Care Reform? j/kWhere are some of your fave shopping destinations?(im always curious about peoples shopping habits)

---LOL i have many thoughts on the health care reform..but... it makes me angry thinking about it because I really like Obama, and he's trying to take away lots of my moneeyyy lol.

--Favorite shopping destinations: For a lot of my clothes ill go H&M and Banana Republic. I will get my dress pants from BCBG and some skirts or shirts (if i can afford it!). Express to buy Jeans because I cant buy jeans anywhere else. And whatever random boutiques that have cute clothes in the city or in different locations that i can find.

To be continued....



Moonjava said...

I also only can get jeans at Express! Everywhere else, they always fit me funny...maybe it's the whole issue with my short legs...:P

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL yeah.. sometimes there jeans SUCK but sometimes they are awesome!

LiLu said...

Love it! I keep thinking I need to do one of these, and never remember. They're always such interesting questions :-)

Happy Weekend!

Sonja said...

yaaay! Thanks for answering! I feel the same way I dont know why I waited so long to get into blogging!
& you didn't answer ALL of my questions ma'am! ;)

Have a good weekend!!!

The Novelista Barista said...

Sonja! crap! as i posted it i must have erased it! shit.. ill post it in part 2 :) lol dont u worry!

pinkapplecore said...

ha those where great answers! That was nice those men stopped I would have been afraid and have my keys between my fingers you know ...hahaha i'm paranoid that way.

Anonymous said...

good questions, good answers! It's nice to see people opening up! xo

mysterg said...

Thank you! The more I learn the more I like.

mysterg said...

So much so in fact that I've given you an award:

Thomas said...

If they were going to make a movie about you, who would play you?

Andhari said...

I lovvvveee banana republic and bcbg, you have awesome taste in clothes I can tell by seeing your pictures so far :)

Farah said...

love bcbg and bananarepublic, but they cost waaaaay too much here in Malaysia.

The Novelista Barista said...

THanks mysterg!!!!!! :)

Jill Pilgrim said...

"What are your thoughts on Health Care Reform? j/kWhere are some of your fave shopping destinations?(im always curious about peoples shopping habits)"

Ha- love the randomness of these two questions together. Also, love the photo- there are not nearly enough giant crabs on the Internet.

spanky* said...

So i guess my dumb comment didn't post the other day because now i don't see it... UGH iPhone, damn you!

I luv the pics... esp the classic RHS "welcome to hell" hahaha i like how that kind of good 'ole prank at RHS were epic (remember the paws painted allllll down 116?) then they were ruined when dumb Student councils started getting shit approved by boards & town members & faculty & crap & started perfectly painting "Welcome to the Jungle" (kool phrase, lame that it wasn't a prank) all over the parking lot... ugh. way to take something rebellious & make it lame.

I regret that you did HS in 3 years & left me there.... mean...

Now, we just need to get a loan so we can afford to drive around the states & write a book about coffee shops... then to Europe for the sequel about Tea!!!


52 Faces said...

Jen, you and I have a lot in common! I also did high school in 3 years and I have no regrets - I only wish I could have skipped it entirely! Of course, I actually grew up in...wait for it...Rockland County, but I try to avoid mentioning that. :P

I also want a published novel as a dream goal in life and I completed an internship in canine behavior at the ASPCA in Manhattan on my way to possibly beinga dog trainer. lol I would love to retire and be an author and dog mommy for the rest of my life.


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