Monday, August 3, 2009

Q from you, A from me, Part 2

And here are the rest of the questions from my lovely bloggers :)
In addition to Sonja...What is your favorite coffee drink? haha :)& If you could go anywhere, where would you go & why?

---My favorite coffee drink is one that I made up, its a soy milk vanilla & mint latte with foam on the top and it is AWESOME cold AND hot..... GOD i miss those days.

---If i could go anywhere, it would be to Europe, and just travel around there. There are so many countries there that i havent been to that i would LOVE to and WILL go to in the near future.

for the love of pictures said...Part 1: If you could travel back to one point in your own past, where (or is it when) would you go? and

---I would go back to college, and have stayed longer because it was SO much funnnnnn! I think I wrote this below explaining why :)

Part 2: While there, would you change anything or just re-live the day/moment making all the same choices?
--Oh yeah, I would have changed the fact that my threesome of girls, me tina cheryl, who were my college girlfriends, that we were the group of 3,, Tina ended up hating on Cheryl which caused me to be in the middle, staying friends with both of them, and ruining our group. I would go back and have Tina NOT of done that!... but i guess it was for the best.... sucks, but it was so much fun :(

Miss Mercedes said...I'd like to know, if you could go back to one absolutely incredible time in your life (a very, very happy time) and make it even BETTER...when would that be and what would you do? I'm not talking about regrets and wanting to change anything...I'm talking about taking something good and making it wonderful...

~Great question! It would be probably my third year of college. We had so much fun that year, with partying and meeting people and vacations ( i went to Venezuela and then we went down to Florida for spring break and Cape Cod) all with my girls the 3-some (before it broke up) and we just had such a great time. I remember being so happy because I never had girlfriends like that, I had never really lived with someone in an apartment and we had awesome parties all the time. If I went back to that period in my life, I would have made it even better by extending it!! Because as soon as it ended,, it just really made us grow up and who really wants to do that!!

Andhari said...Oooh name 3 of your guiltiest pleasures, please?:)

1. ice creammmm -- chocolate chip cookie

2. COOKIES... especially oreo

3. talking to people i shouldnt!

Ali said...Okay Jen, here's my Q:What is your favorite cocktail/drink?

---Captain & Coke, Pina Coolada, or Sam Adams seasonal beers!

Brooke Devore said...I am loving the new blog layout! Here's my questions:
1. If your life was made into a movie who would play you and who would play T?

~Anne Hathaway would play meeeee :) because she is awesome and i LOVE her..... and who would play T?! Wow ... great question! ....... Dermont Mulroney? lol im not sure!!!

2. Would you rather live forever miserable or one day blissfully happy?

~one day blissfully happy!!! i already see how much it sucks to live miserable.. so def wouldnt want to do that forever!

Mrs. C said...Wow - I'm catching up on google reader - LOVE LOVE the new layout! It looks great. If you could have any job, what would it be?
-Being a professional writer/author who traveled a lot, helped people with my writing (somehow), trained dogs in my free time, and eventually owning a coffeeshop on the beach. LOL i have a lot of live up to!

amindinmotown said...Are you actually a barista? And what's your ideal job?

--I am not a barista anymore. I have worked at 4 different coffee shops in the suburbs of New York, where I live, and really loved every minute of it... except for the crazies that I worked for. Each place made me want to open my own one more and more. If it werent so expensive to live where I live, I would have continued it ...but between that and the crazy I worked for... that didnt help :( So. no :( not anymore.. so sad. But i have worked basically all of the coffeeshops in my area.

--My ideal job is right above this question!!! :)

Dionne said...This is my first time here, but here are some questions that I always like to hear answered:

1. What is your most embarassing moment?

~Most embarassing? Hmm,,,,,, usually people push these outa their minds... but mine is quite funny that it might not have been totally embarassing until years later lol... But my friend and I went to go meet this guy i had met on facebook from college in the cafeteria where the dorms were. We were waiting outside for him to come out because there was a band playing and we had my friends dog.. so he was just about to come outside and somehow Luna, the rottweiler got away from us and right as he had opened the door to come outside, she RAN INSIDE!!!!!! OMG..... mind u I have never met this kid before so me him and Tina went running in after the dog, all you can hear is people yelling because its really dark and no one knew what it was! And then finally after we run in, Luna runs out and we grab her (in the snow) LOL --- probabblyyyyy the funniest thing ever!!!! It was SO embarassing but it was hilarious!

2. Which of your 5 senses is the most important to you?

---I would say seeing. Because I could go without smelling or hearing, but seeing? I couldn't do it... even if you can't hear the pretty things, I would rather see them. By FAR.

PorkStar said...With all due respect, my question would be, why are you so incredibly adorable?

----LOL my parents are good looking hahaa --and thanks!

OceanDreams said...How are you the BF doing after deciding to make the change and if you could travel to one country and live there for a month...where would you go?

-- Ahhhh thanks oceandreams! We are doing OK. Things have changed a little bit, he is definitely making more of an effort and so am I. And we went away for the weekend and it was okay as well. Its just like..... our relationship is just O.K. And thats it. I have no other answer for it. I can't even think of one. And I cannot see if ever getting any better than OK; because nothing will change that drastically for me to feel differently.... It sucks. And now I am still trying but feeling like my effort is pointless and looking for a way out.. :(

-I would go to Ireland and live there for a month! OR Costa Rica. Because I loved Costa Rica. I cannot choose!! lol

Shaylen Maxwell said...I love this idea. I should really try it too. And I want to know what inspires you most as well. : )

--Coffeeshops and my bloggers I follow and quotes, music, photos, and art!

Oh and if you have ever taken Myers-Briggs, and if so, what's your type? I love to ask EVERYONE this question. I am addicted to Myers-Briggs.

--Okay i am really not sure if i did this right or if this is the wrong test, but I got this:

Optimistic Pessimist do you have the energy to post so much???!!! I can't keep up with you!

--lol not sure if this was a question, but ill answer it! i post so much because i need to make up for the two years that i had lost all of my creativity!!! i havent written for two years before i started my blog so everything is basically pouring out of me right now, i just hope it continues!

radiogael said...What's your biggest:

a) regret in life --- Not traveling abroad during college!!!
b) achievement in life --- Graduating college in 3 years.
c) goal in life ---to publish a novel and travel the world.

--I kept that very very simple because I could go on for HOURS!!! about the answers to those questions!

K13 you have a lot of people who want to know about you...exciting...i'd like to know if you are originally from NYC and what type of work do you do...maybe these things are on your blog somewhere, but I haven't seen them.

--I am not from NYC at all, but I was born in Bronxville, New York, which is 30 minutes from NYC. I lived there until I was 5, then moved to Connecticut and lived there until I as 17, where i moved out to college, Pace University, in Westchester County, NY and have stayed there ever since.

---I work in advertising for a newspaper. I love and hate it. Love advertising and newspapers, HATE HATE HATE the company I work for!

Moonjava said...

If you could choose 3 things that you've always wanted to do, what would they be?

-- 1. Speak Spanish fluently
2. Live in a different country
3. Write a book

Michael said...

Imagine your room is on fire. You have reason to know (for the purposes of this question) that all the living things (people, birds, dogs, etc.) that you care about are safe. You are sitting on your bed. You know (again, for the purposes of this question) that you have to get out, right now. There is a knapsack at your feet. You can throw anything that's in your bedroom into the knapsack before you leave, but you don't have time to get anything else.
(Again, you just know this-don't worry about how you know it.)
What do you take?

---Oh God! So difficult. But I dont have that much important stuff, besides my cat and if shes out already and my fish, then I would take my computer (because I love her lol) as many clothes as I could possibly fit in there, and my jewelry.. because basically i can replace everything else. Not that I have that much important jewelry but it would be hard to replace my clothes and some jewelry from my grandmother. I can replace my books, and tv and other stuff, but thats all.

GARF said...

Your gmail id mentioned certainly indicates you name. :P
Nez...i have only a single question...given the same life and the same people around and the same circumstances, would you like to differ somewhere in your decisions? If yes, when, why and how?

--Yes. If i could go back, I wouldnt have moved in with T after only dating for a year. We more so moved in together due to convenience and having no where else to live. But after this, I will not move in with another guy until he has given me a ring! Why? Because it got too comfortable and we lost a good amount of the effort and excitement from doing this, but it was also a good idea because I realized what life would be like if i were getting married to him instead.. and THAT is not what I would want!

Thomas said..If they were going to make a movie about you, who would play you?

--Anne Hathaway!!! :)

**Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful questions! I hope I answered them all and always ask more if you want to know more! This was very challenging for me so it was really exciting! :)



Rachel said...

Wow! I've learned so much about you! :)

Carlotta said...

I miss hot cappuccino too and agree on one day blissfully happy!! great interview :))

The Novelista Barista said...

Thanks!!! :) i hope u like what u learned!!

K13 said...

Great answers. Thanks!! I loved this!!

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for answering all of the questions love, enjoyed learning more about you and hope you and the boy get better or you find someone that truly makes you happy. You deserve that, ok! Hope you have a great day, glad you enjoy writing as much as you do!

GARF said...

I appreciate ur patience and honesty. And ofcourse u hav high levels of commitment. You did awesome. A big THANKS to u.

The Novelista Barista said...

Awe thanks!! :)

Moonjava said...

Good answers! I love Anne Hathaway too, she has this elegance about her!

Anonymous said...

I was a barista for a good chunk of time and LOVED it. It made me want to open my own coffee shop.

Andhari said...

Cookies and're such a soulmate! LOL. I love Anne Hathaway too, and you certainly have her poiseness :)

themanhattantransfer said...

Hi there, I'm new around here! I liked those questions, I feel like I just learned a lot about you... annnddd that mint coffee drink sounds amazing.

Mrs. C said...

LOVE all your answers and you would make a fabulous writer!

Miss Mercedes said...

You inspired me to do one of these Q&A things on my blog. I'm going to post it soon, but wanted to let you know, I give credit where credit is due...I'll include a link to your site.


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