Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

I was going through my blog updates and I read on Being Brazens her list from the weekend so I figured I wanted to go through and talk about mine..even though it wasn't that great lol. So go check out hers as well!

{i absolutely love this bed btw}

1. People cannot drive what so ever on Sundays.
2. Don't automatically assume that your boyfriend is talking to girls when someone texts you saying he is with a girl at the bar..... until you ask who it is and find out it's their friend that you know.
3. The past just doesn't go away.
4. I am falling bad for M.
5. We're going to Boston and I got M to say he'll go to Salem, Mass with me!
6. The freakin Yankees are a disgrace and I hate them until next season.
7. Sitting in bed with my best friend on a Sunday while I'm hung over and she's preggo, is a great day.
8. I need more Halloween decorations and I need a costume. Pronto!
9. I cannot freakin wait to leave on Thursday for Boston.
10. I have no winter clothes.

and 1 more for the record
11. I love love love loveeeee to sleep in.

What did you learn this weekend?



Mo Pie, Please said...

You're right, people who drive on Sundays really suck. Lately, Sunday drivers have been out throughout weekdays and it baffles me! I love to sleep in too. Since I'm currently unemployed I get to enjoy it whenever I want. But there's something amazing to being tired and ready to go to bed every night. So i've been trying to get up early to enjoy that part too :)

nomadicbark said...

I'm uber jealous of you being able to lay in bed with your best friend! All my close friends live so far away.

1. I absolutely hate truck drivers.
2. I am an horrible role model. I kept swearing at trucks in front of my students. :-/
3. St. Jude's Children Hospital really does a lot for their patients.

Being Brazen said...

Great list :)

LOVE that bed


Rebel Mel said...

Make sure if you're going to Salem on Halloween that you don't drive in (parking is impossible and expensive) and you go in EARLY. Salem on halloween is like the mall at 5am on black Friday. Legit scary!

Melissa Blake said...

Awesome list! :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

That bed is soo dreamy! #1 is so true and enjoy Boston this weekend :)

ABIGAIL NY said...

/number 6 made me laugh!!

Simply Valorie said...

Haha, I love this!

This weekend I learned that I should always trust my gut. Always.

Namine said...

what is Salem, Mass. Sounds like a good weekend!! Sleeping in is the best. and that is an awesome picture!!

Gregory said...

falling madly in love with Nobody


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