Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Pressing News


There are some news stories out there lately that are very crappy to hear about and i just want to address them really quick.

-i love football. i do. it's great. and i love the giants and the jets and i love going to their games. but i hate the actual sport. people get so hurt from playing football. Take for instance the college student from Rutgers, he just got paralyzed this past weekend from playing because people play too rough. So many players got hurt this weekend for unnecessary roughness.  I understand that that is their jobs and should know what could happen, but unnecessary roughness is not okay, it can injure people really bad.


-Pace University. My college. Pleasantville, my favorite town. Cops shoot and kill one of their football players after they were hit by the football players car. See Story.   There are many ways this story could go. And if I wasn't a cops girlfriend, I would probably be saying the same thing everyone else thinks, that the cop shouldn't have shot him.

Now... the way that I look at it is... yes, I feel bad for the kid who died, and he shouldnt have had to die. But, if you are in a tinted windowed car and you hit a cop with your car who is trying to tell you to move, and the cop is on your hood holding on while you are driving and then you hit a SECOND cop..... there aren't many options going to come out of this. And the outcome will never be good. 

It is just unfortunate that people think they need to run from cops and that that was the smart move. Maybe he would have gotten arrested, maybe a ticket.... but the outcome wasn't good at all. And then it's the cops fault because he is trying to save his own life.

This is a very controversial subject and I know that the cop is not always right and I suppose I am a little bias but the reality is is that this happens more often then not because people don't realize what carrying a gun means and how cops are trained.

Any thoughts or opinions?



Dana said...

I'm a huge Cleveland Browns fan and TWO of our players were escorted off the field with head injuries on Sunday and not permitted to return to the game. I'm so glad the NFL has instilled a fine and penalty for people who are committing these unnecessary rough blows.

I'm with you on the Cop issue. It's very sad that it had to turn out that way, but you have to accept the consequences if you disobey the law. One bad choice can lead to a slew of others and unfortunately this kid made a REALLY bad decision.

Novelista Barista said...

yeah i completely agree too... and i hope fines and being taken out of the game are enough to make people stop.

Michael said...

It's hard to know how to feel.

I watch football too, and you need to make these incredibly precise, split second decisions. I don't know how they can make it safer, but I hope they can.

Any policeman shooting a citizen is a tragedy. But, similarly, he had to make a decision at very high speed, to try and protect himself and others. It's real easy for us to go back and say, "You shouldn't have."

Kendra said...

I totally agree with you. It is a sticky situation, but you never know with people. How they will act. Especially while being hit and on the hood of the car.

nomadicbark said...

I am 99% on the police's side.. They're out there to protect and serve us, not to get us all in trouble. If you cooperate, they will do whatever they can to help you out. I pray everyday that my dad is safe while he is protecting and serving other people.


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