Friday, October 8, 2010

happy weekend!

thank god its the weekend!!!!!!!!

i have had enough of this week.

i took a half day to go apple picking with M yesterday. it was so fun. and the weather was beautiful. what a great day to take off. So glad I did that.

this weekend should be good as well..M  has off all weekend so we're going to spend a lot of time together. I think it should be good.

I found out I am becoming an aunt! I am so excited! V is going to be getting married this weekend but the actual wedding won't be until the summer. Every exciting stuff!

I talked to an old friend today I haven't spoken to in months, so that was kinda nice too.

I want a nice relaxing weekend this week... I hope it turns out that way.

Anyone have any good plans for the weekend?

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Sunshinemeg said...

Happpy weekend to you too! Enjoy some relaxation!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

hi love. I just chose one of the generic templates they have available on blogger. It's under basic I think? I hope this helps. I was tired of playing around with html codes (for now anyways)

miss vintage vixen. said...

Have a beautiful weekend, cupcake! Hope you have lotsa fun... xoxo

pinkapplecore said...

AAAAAHHHH you're going to be auntie Jen!!! congrats! Hope your weekend is spectacular

Luna said...

hope you have a great weekend. i just had mine so its back to work tonight for me.


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