Tuesday, October 26, 2010

babies and weddings and babies

I finally got to see my best friend this weekend... and she is 14 weeks preggo!!! Meaning I will be an aunt soon! It was so nice to see her. It's been like almost two months because she has been sick and then busy and then schedules didnt work. So it was good to just chill out, talk and watch tv.

i wish she lived closer. i mean granted she is only 30-40 minutes away but when i get out of work so late and have the limited time to hang out and she is sick and tired, it sucks :(

we are planning her wedding for either next summer of February 2012. i think baby and wedding in one year might be too much.

the crazy thing is, this is V, my ex best friend, that i wasnt talking to because of my Ex T, and i reunited with her in March. She was supposed to get married this year and i wouldnt have been in the wedding because we weren't friends. But (unfortunately) it got called off and we started talking again and she met this new guy, whom she is going to marry and is having the baby with.

i am just glad that after all that heart ache and shit she went through that i wasnt there for, i can be there for her now during these times and all these crazy life changes. its a good feeling to know that i can be there and i can continue making up all this time that i owe her and when she needs people now.



Melanie's Randomness said...

Well that's pretty awesome that you guys are now talking & congrats to her that she found a good guy & the baby. =) Enjoy it!

That Fresh Feeling said...

oh girlfriend has a lot going on-baby and wedding! i am sure she appreciates all you do for her. that pic is quite adorable. have a great day!

Kendra said...

awe, that picture is to die for.! My best friend is pregnant too, and I just love seeing her and the sonogram pictures.! (:

Ivy said...

Happy you two are together again.... having a broken relationship makes your heart heavy. I couldn't live without my bestie and a handful of other dear women in my life.

Cheers and Coffee!


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