Friday, October 22, 2010

have a good weekend

my favorite day of the week.

does anyone know what they are being for halloween?! i am not really sure what to do..... any ideas? i haven't even decorated my house for halloween! how horrible. still have to buy candy too since we have a lot of kids in our apartment complex as well! geeezz.

i went apple picking a couple of weeks ago and that was a lot of fun, but i still need to make the apple pie now. i still haven't gotten a pumpkin yet. i should probably get on top of that! lol :)

well, have a nice weekend!



Gregory said...

Thanks for the reminder, mark in notebook, get a pumpkin to carve, I am going as the scariest of all... Myself

Bri said...

ohh my goodness pumpkin galore! i love halloween and i work with kids on a daily basis so put two and two together and you bet i'm dressing up! all the people i work with are dressing up as doctor seuss characters and i'm going as cindy loo hoo!

: )

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

This picture just made my Saturday. :) I love Halloween, however, living where I'm living right now...Halloween does not exist. :( Major cry alert. ;) But the apartment is decorated, so people think I'm nuts. All worth it though.

Happy weekend.

Liv said...

I was hoping to decorate my house this weekend, I've been watching scary movies all month so I'm definitely feeling Halloweeny, just in a lazy way. I haven't come up with a definite costume yet either, time is running out!

Ida Nielsen said...

Wow, that picture is surreal and so COOL!! I'll miss the US this week, no Halloween in Denmark

britni @ Antika Moda said...

So happy I found your blog!! I’m now a devoted follower :)

Ps. Come on over and enter to win a Custom Hand Knit Scarf (knit by yours truly)

Lacey Bean said...

I have no costume either! We were going to be Carmen SanDiego and Rockapella or Where's Waldo (depending on what he wanted), but we have nothing to do for Halloween!


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