Monday, October 11, 2010

Women's Rights - Baby Style.

And i have decided to edit this because i read further into it:

She attended a voting session of European Parliament with her baby to draw attention to women's rights.

Go lady Parliament!



Kris said...


nomadicbark said...

I think this is really sad. It shows that the USA does not give their women employees enough time for maternity leave! They have to overwork themselves constantly and cannot devote 100% of their attention to their newborn. Some countries give their women employees up to a year for maternity leave! I wish we were respected in that way too.

Novelista Barista said...

Nomadicbark, you are completely right and I have edited it to tell the actual story behind the picture.

Samantha said...

I saw this photo on another blog and I love it!! The US has the worst health benefits for women and mothers when compared to many European countries. If they're complaining, we should be protesting!



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