Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i can't stop coughing. 
everyone around me is sick as well. i don't feel HORRIBLE, but i don't feel good! ughh..... is anyone else sick?! is it that time of the year since it just started being really cold at night again?

and it really doesnt help that the YANKEES are making me SICK right now and TEX got freakin hurt!!!!



Anna said...

Thanks for your input on my post! I appreciate your open-mindedness- I respect your opinion as well!!

Get better! Drinks lots of orange juice! (country style is the best!) ; )

DT said...

hmm.. I am afraid I am going to get sick soon :( I get that feeling!

Hope you get better soon! Sending my wishes your side!

Krystal Sandoval said...

Feel better!!

cashmere pearls 'n' boots said...

the boyfriend was sick last weekend... then me... all the other girls at work too! everyone is sick. feel better!!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Feel better soon!!!!!!!!! :)

Michael said...

Everyone is sick, yes.

(Did you get your flu shot, NB? Fess up!)

Strangely, the Yankee loss is the only thing making me feel better today.


Nicole said...

Aww! Feel better!

NoodleBubble said...


We are ALL poorly here...pop by if you've any home remedies!

Get well soon

ChuChulainn said...

If nothing is working for you, try BENEDRYL, I swear


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