Thursday, August 27, 2009

I have a Job..


I got my job back.

Same exact job.... it is as if nothing changed.... except all the crazy stress and layoffs and people quitting and everyone freaking out. I mean i guess its good and all because I actually have a job as opposed to NOT, but still. It is going to be a lot more work and same pay and same shit because of all the people that left & got fired, now we have to pick up their slack. Fun.


I have an interview tomorrow in the city. I hate interviews, they are so crappy and stressful! Hopefully something works out.

Last night was awesome. We went out for a huge group "last" happy hour with everyone that was leaving and it was really sad but really fun. I got hammered so that helped. I have lots of pictures that as soon as I put them on my computer I will add some here. But it was nice to go out with everyone and have fun.

And.... moving this weekend.
Yuck :( horrible. i am SO not happy about that or excited and still sad. yuck yuck yuck.

Do i take this apartment? What to do.. what to do.... any opinions? i love ur opinions :)


Mandy Kay said...

YAAAY! i'm so glad you got your job [back?]!!! :)

i think you should DEFS take the apartment. AS another reader said, living with someone will keep you distracted... and i think that's what would be best right now! And it sounds like she is understanding to your situation, and if it's too much change too soon, she'd be supportive if you decided to back out. I know what you probably WANT to do right now is curl into a ball in a corner and not have to see or talk to anyone, but the best thing to do is hit the ground running. keep yourself busy with things you've always wanted to do... This is a good thing. I know it's hard to see it now, but you will see it soon, i promise! hang in there!

cathi said...

Definitely take the apartment and it's great that you still have a job vs. no job at all. Good things will come as Mandy Kay just said - it's hard to see thru the clouds, but the sun will come thru again....and it will be better and brighter for you...:)

mysterg said...

You have a job and you are applying for another one? Good for you!

Can't tell you what to do. But a new apartment with a friend sounds like it might be fun!

KekeLynn said...

Congrats on having a job still! Hopefully it will buy you some time so you can find somewhere that you actually love!

As far as the apartment, all I can say is do what feels right to you. I think we all subconsciously guide ourselves the decision we should make. We just need to listen to our instincts!

Shop Girl* said...

I know it must have been an awful experience, but I'm thrilled you were able to keep your job! I hope your interview goes well. :)

Rachel said...

I'm glad to hear you still have a job! Woo hoo!

for the love of pictures said...

Congrats on still having a job! At least you have something while you consider your options :)

Ali said...

First, congrats on the re-job - haha.

Secondly, try making a pro/con list re: the apartment. Neurotic? Yes. Helpful? Generally. :)

OceanDreams said...

Glad you got the job back and that you are all moved, I guess I am replying backwards since I started from the future and now I am in the past, lol. All caught up now, have a good Tuesday! XO!


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