Saturday, February 27, 2010

Financial Seminar in NYC for ING Direct

There is a two part financial seminar that will be held at the ING DIRECT New York City Café on March 10th and March 16th that will feature speakers Jay Sanders CPA/PFS, CFP and Michael Edelstein, founder of The New Temperament. The seminar will help people to find out how their temperament can affect many areas of your life, especially personal finances.

What: Why are some people good at saving — and other people find it difficult? The answer may be in your temperament. Understanding your temperament can give you a new perspective on life, as well as your finances. Join us for a two-part discussion of key financial principles, such as financial planning and saving for retirement, and how your temperament influences your financial behavior.

Part I (March 10th): Your Temperament, The Curve and Flow

How much money should you save? How can you use your awareness of temperament to make better money decisions? You’ll gain a new understanding of temperament and important aspects of money and finance.

Part II (March 16th): Further explorations of Money and Temperament

What about money and relationships? Are you and your partner at odds about spending and saving? How does your temperament impact other financial decisions, like investing and managing risk? You’ll expand your understanding of temperament and develop further insight around vital financial issues.

Discover your temperament at in advance of the talk

When: Part 1 March 10th, 6:15pm Part 2 March 16th 6:15pm

Where: ING DIRECT Café

968 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10022

To RSVP to the event or see more information visit


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