Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey Friday, I Adore You!

best day of the week by far!

This week was quite eventful.. yet not eventful at the same time.

Never made it to the gym but I DID see a friend from many many years ago when I used to work at the coffee shops last night and it was awesome. I haven't see him in AGES and it was SO great to reconnect and drink some coffee & martinis (i drank beer, him martini). I am SO happy that we met up!! It better not be 4 years until I see him again.

I went to dinner with a friend, it was fun, he's cute ;)

So let's not forget everything cuz its friday.. and here's some awesome stuff from this week...

-Meet my penpal from My Teacups in Peonys pen pal project, E Tells Tales!

-Favorite Tumblr of the week is Bear

- Spanky Luvs It*'s luvs it* t-shirt is up for sale!

- Poptart wrote & sang a song, please go give her mad props, she's so cute!

-English Muse has a gorgeous green opera purse as a giveaway that ends Monday.

- The Beauty File has some awesome pictures here and here and here.

-Sweet as Candy has beautiful white roomed pictures.

-Song of the week: Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz

-Use to search for jobs. They are awesome BTW... can you tell I'm promoting? lol

And lastly..

-Great giveaway from Rhianne at For The Easily Distracted !!

And that's all folks... have a great weekend!



Namine said...

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! love the links!!

Andhari said...

Cute guy? hmm details ;) happy friday!

Neely said...

Have a great weekend :)

msprimadonna67 said...

Happy, happy Friday!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

woot woot!!! have fun this weekend.

angel6033 said...

HAve a great weekend girly!! :)

Ari said...

Happy belated Friday!! I adore that pic up at the top. :)

pinkapplecore said...

hahaha I'm so glad you had a great Friday, hope your weekend was just as great.

52 Faces said...

I'm dying to read about that penpal project but the link goes nowhere :(


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