Friday, February 19, 2010

BH Files - If It's Not Too Much To Ask..

If It's Not Too Much To Ask...

please don't hold my hand, when you mean to let go someday.

please don't give me sweet nothings, if you only mean them as remembrances.

please don't treat me special, if you're only being nice.

please don't tell me you'll miss me, because i might not have the guts to leave.

please don't ask if i'll miss you, because i already do.

please don't hug me tight, because i might not want to let go.

please don't be so lovable, if you're loved by someone else.

please don't ask me to stay, when you know i'm about to leave.

please don't tell me i'm amazing, when you don't plan to make me yours.

please don't wake me up everyday, because i'm getting used to it.

please don't be so caring, because i'll miss that when you're gone.

please don't be sad when i'm not around, because i'll be sad too.

please don't be so wonderful, when i know you'll never be mine.

and please, please...

don't say and act like you love me, because i just might believe it, and fall



Laura Trevey said...

so romantic and heartbreaking at the same time...

Have a bright, bold, and beautiful weekend!
xoxo Laura

capperson said...

i loved that! but soo true!

Jaime said...

powerful post!

Kendra said...

love this.! :)

Andhari said...

I love t! So true :)

accidentally, kle said...

this is beautiful, wow.

Lee Ee Leen said...

beautiful evocative poetry

R. Boo said...

thanks so much for posting. :)


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