Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guest Blogger - Kate

by kate @

your novelista barista needed some help. a few guest bloggers to fill the temporary void she'd be leaving while her new job ate all her time. she suggested the topic...
...inspiration. ..
...and the funniest thing happened. the first thing that came to my mind was, quite possibly, the worst moment i can remember having. it sounds like this:
in april, my boyfriend broke up with me. by boyfriend, i mean love of my life. and by love of my life, i mean the only man i could ever imagine sharing the rest of my life with.
i felt numb for two days. numb. lifeless. useless.
and then
i had this life-changing thought. it sounded a bit like: nope. fuck that. i will not wallow. i will use this as the kick in the arse i need.
he will be my inspiration.
seconds later i was out the door. wearing the jeans and tee i found crumpled on my floor, sporting unwashed hair slicked back in a failed disguise attempt. i ran and ran, i huffed and puffed, until i hit the local GP.
i was there for a referral because...
... i need help...
how liberating it was to acknowledge that. how liberating it is to dismiss the stigma associated with psychology.
how rewarding it is to look the love of my life in the eye and know he trusts me to do the best for us.
how comforting to be us again.



Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i'm barely able to keep up with my own blog...otherwise it would be so much fun to help out!!
btw it's interesting how in a dark moment we can find inspiration.
xox alison

Melissa Blake said...

What a beautiful post! and photo!


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