Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Resolutions - Manju

This year, I've got only one New Year Resolution:
To have fun... to have fun in every moment, because life should be fun ^_^

And because I love making lists, I also made a to-do list for 2010:

Eat Eat Eat - Eat 200 new foods this year

Run Run Run - Run a lot - Run a marathon or at least a half-marathon. It'll be my first
Be a good student and get really really good grades etc etc.... I am going to be a nerd!
Budget wisely and save Shop a lot, coz it makes me happy
Try a lot of new things I've never done before
Grow a few cms taller (Okay you don't HAVE to tell me how crazy this sounds. I GET IT!.... BUT... I'll figure something out...)
Bake a freaking delicious cheesecake and EAT it... and just bake more really
Take better Photographs
Make sure Mom smiles more, everyday
Dance in a fountain, just because it sounds fun
Be Greener
Find a new BFF. Everyone's starting work or studying and busy doing their own thing, and it's so hard to meet up sometimes. I need to find a new BFF who's 'available' all the time.
Take up a ridiculously bizarre hobby just for kicks
Meet a bloggyfriend in person
Buy a sexy pair of red heels. That's an investment.
Get my driver's license
Buy a meal for a homeless person at least once a month
Donate blood...get over my fear of needles period.
Be able to converse fluently in Mandarin
DIY more
Slow down and smell the roses
Pay someone a honest compliment everyday...spread the love :)
Eat more veggies

I'll keep adding to it, and hopefully I'll be able to write off everything at the end of the year. Wish me luck :)
Thank you Jen for featuring my goals! You're awesome ;)

Manju (



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