Friday, January 29, 2010

Guest Blogger - The Blahs by Renee

It's January so I know were all feeling blah this month. The cold weather, the Christmas credit card bills, and if your me your jeans are a tad to tight. January is also the month of resolutions and changes. Whether its to lose weight, manage your money, or get your life on track chances are by February 1 your resolutions are a distant memory and your still chugging on. So your back to feeling uninspired and aimless maybe? I was feeling the same way and I thought wouldn't it be great to make weekly resolutions/goals nothing huge but doable things that mattered. I told a friend of mine this a few months ago and being the good friend she is she surprised me with a special book called "Every Monday Matters" for Christmas(

For those of you that like to make big, long term, and grandiose goals this is not the book for you. But for those who like to make a difference no matter how small, I highly recommend it. I've been doing it since I've got it and it has inspired me to go out of my way to other small changes in my life. The gist of it is every Monday has an assigned task. Nothing crazy, some examples are donating blood, adopting a pet, etc. Creative but doable goals. Just mixing up my routine makes a big difference!

We all want to feel inspired and important, but the reality is that most of us go through every day with our heads down and just try to make it through the day. By changing one small thing you can pave the way for lots of small changes which will equal big changes. So hold yourself accountable, lift your head, and make the change. You won't be sorry =)

I hope you enjoyed this "inspirational" guest blog post(my first) and please think good thoughts for Jenn and her new job(congrats!).



miss sudha said...

I think that a resolution should be made throughout the life rather than on yearly basis.

Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

I am enjoying this run of guest bloggers. Oh, and your new header is amazing...
Was thinking about using the new blogspot toolbar menu thing myself but I'm too scared.


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