Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest Blogger - Alexandria

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to be a guest poster! I came home from a short ski trip the other day and saw that the nb was on the hunt and I jumped right in to see if she wanted little ole me to write a tid bit for her! Of course she said yes, and I was flattered!

I posted a while back about my new year’s resolution. I have some great goals to say the least that include difficult yet attainable things. I was listening to the radio though the other day and heard about this thing called My One Word. It is basically this experiment that a group is doing to get people to live for one word instead of having a ton of goals. This one word is found by deciding who you want to be by the end of the year, defining the characteristics of that person and finding a word that encompasses all of that. This word doesn’t have to be a synonym but it should be a word that will eventually lead you to your goal. The idea is to keep us focused on one word all year long instead of multiple things everyday. By focusing on one thing we can easily measure our change.

It didn’t take me a very long time to decide what my word was going to be. Not that I am obsessed with Taylor Swift or anything, but her new CD title really motivates me. Fearless. Not only do I want to be Fearless in 2010, I want to Fear Less. It’s not that I want to go crazy and do things that could kill me but instead I don’t want to be scared to be bold, different or myself. I don’t want to be scared to shoot for the moon. I don’t want to focus on all the negatives of a situation—I want to Fear the hard stuff less. I want to be fearless. I want to push myself and commit to the impossible and make things possible. So for me this year, I aim to be fearless. I challenge everyone to think of a word that encompasses their life goals for this year… what could you lose?

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Carrie said...

i love this idea. mine is to be bold.


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