Friday, September 25, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season Premier


Can we discuss Grey's from last night please???? It was so incredibly sad! I can't get over how sad it was... I dont even know what I would do if I was them in that situation. I couldnt handle it.

The worst (best) part of this show is that I have been watching it for so long and I feel like I am sort of connected with these characters, and that is why I get so emotional when watching this show.. it sometimes is way too depressing for me!! But i love it nonetheless! I want them to stop killing/removing the characters though, PLEASE stop doing that! I cannot handle another death in Grey's!!!!

And I am kind of not loving Derek lately... I don't know why.. maybe I am seeing it wrong, but I really am not liking him! He comes off as such an asshole!

Do you cry like a freakin baby like I do when watching Grey's?


Nicole said...

OMG! YES I CRY! I was balling during the 1st 2 minutes!! it was horribly sad AND i love the show more more every episode!! =D I think derek is annoying becuase he doesnt really have a story so we are seeing only bits & pieces and he isnt very charming in them lol HAPPY FRIDAY!

The Novelista Barista said...

i KNOW!!!!!!!!!! i could not stop! wtf is wrong with me!!!! last seasons finale was SO bad... i could not stop crying

Saii said...

yesss.. I cry!!!!!! from season 1 to 5 !!!!!
I'LL be able to watch the new season in November :S takes some time to come to Guatemala ...:S

it's exciting tho, cuz I have two reasons to expect NOvember happily:

1. New MOOn
2. Grey's new season


Jaime said...

I know same...I am so connected- I cried at the end. They set up some good storylines but I thought it was a bit rushed (like how quickly did Callie go to Mercy West!).

Have a good weekend!

The Novelista Barista said...

YES New Moon in November..... cant freakin wait!!!!

The Novelista Barista said...

greys anatomy writes = had me at season 1


Anonymous said...

I totally love grey's ... I have to say I love the first 3 seasons a lot more ... but yeah ... I was crying!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ok, I finally watched! I am the same way. I have to have a box of tissues close at hand because I never know when the writers are going to reduce me into a sniffling girl. =P What did you think Derek was being jerky about? I was more annoyed with Alex, until the very end.

OceanDreams said...

I haven't watched these eppies, yet, scheduled to do this tonight. looks super sad and I think I will cry too. I am in your same boat!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I watched, glass of pinot in my hand, ladies at my side and my lord, there was not a dry eye in the house! I even made my new roommate watch it who quotedly doesn't care about the show and has seen like one episode. She was SOBBING. One of my friends said it wasn't as good as it usually is (she is bothered by Derek too), but I am hooked like the first seasons of Grey's.

I feel like the newer seasons get off to a slow start, but this feels like Grey's circa Denny all over again.

George dying is just so sad, what gets me the most is Bailey's reaction and when Meredith cried.

Uhh... when they are saying who gets his organs?! I actually sobbed a bit at that part.

Why do I leave you such long comments? hahah You are the only person I follow that has dedicated a post to Grey's... so I guess that's why.

The Novelista Barista said...

i know! i cried when meredith cried bc she never cries! and i felt so bad for bailey :(

i dunno... i thought that derek was being a jerk about the whole chief thing... i didnt really understand that!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I actually thought it was the chief that was the jerk there. The board was planning to meet, to vote the chief out since, Seattle Grace had been going downhill lately & they asked Derek to be the new chief when they did it. Instead of keeping quiet, Derek went to the chief, as his friend, and warned him what was coming, so that he could have a chance to prepare a "defense" for himself & maybe get some *good* things happening, before this board meeting took place, maybe be able to save his job. The board kept asking Derek for an answer & he kept buying the chief time by telling them he "needed more time to think about it before deciding." But there were only so many times Derek could put them off before they would meet anyway & possibly just pick someone else to replace the chief. Derek was being a friend & had the chief's back, but the chief was all wounded pride & accused Derek of being pushy & going behind his back to get his job (which he never did! the board approached Derek with the offer!)...and then the chief went behind everyone's back & worked out a merger apparently?? I don't know. I kinda thought Derek was being the good guy here, instead of keeping his mouth shout for his own benefit. He may have been pushing the chief to make some decisions, but I think we all need pushing sometimes when we stall on making a decision that will happen with or without us.


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