Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering the Fallen in New York

It is only appropriate for me as a New Yorker to post about Remembering 9/11.

What a horrific unnecessary dramatic crazy day that was back in 2001.

I remember I was in 11th grade, about to go into my English class that I was in with my ex boyfriend and we were in the cafeteria and as we were getting up to go to the class, we saw it on the TVs in the cafe. Everyone was in shock, no one knew what to do or say. I remember my ex running out of the room to call his mother because I know his dad world in the vicinity of the World Trade Center.

I ran to call my mom from the pay phone because cell phones were not working because so many people were calling everyone everywhere. I had to find out if my dad was in the city, because he went down there a lot for business.
He wasn't thank god. And I didn't end up knowing anyone that was there or worked there or died in the crashes, I am happy for that. But I feel for the people who DID know people and I feel for the people who WERE those people. I couldn't even IMAGINE that. What do you do? Jump or don't jump? Fucking crazy. That is horrble that people even had to make that choice in their lives.


I found out years later that my dad was supposed to be at a training that day in the trade center at 9am. But he didn't end up going because (if i remember correctly) they cancelled it at the last minute.
I mean that was some serious angel looking over him/us.

I am thankful for all the people who helped out like they did. I wish I could have been there and helped or did something to contribute to those efforts.

My dad knew a fire fighter that died there, and a quote that always sticks with me

"Live while you're alive"
FDNY Chief Orio Palmer

United We Stand.

Always Remember.

Where were you when this happened?


Anonymous said...

I was at home getting ready for work when it came on the news. I remember sitting down and watching in shock and crying. I didn't know anyone who lost their life but I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the tragedy I was watching unfold. Such a sad day in our history. I hope I never have to see anything like that ever again.

Have a great weekend!!

Jaime said...

It was such an intense day. I wrote about it on my blog too-

I too was in 11th grade. I was scared, confused.

I am so glad to hear your loved ones were safe.

mysterg said...

Lovely post. Truly touching.

Liz in DC said...

I was in high school- same year as you- in Northern Virginia outside of DC. Our teachers told us to pray because of NYC, turned on the radio and then we heard the worst words I have ever heard that I still remember: "There is a plane coming up the Potomac-... Oh my God. Ladies and Gentlemen. The plane has crashed into the Pentagon. Washington is under attack." We all froze. Half of our school were Pentagon kids. My dad worked for the media in DC. A firefighter friend of mine sprang up and ran out as his beeper went off. He was a first responder for the Pentagon.

By lunch, classes had stopped. Ironically, that day the Air Force was at my private school talking about ROTC for college. I put my name down. I couldn't get a hold of my dad. We heard car bombs were going off in DC. We watched footage of people jumping in NYC. We prayed a lot. My mom was in lockdown at her school- they told teachers that terrorists were in our area looking for high profile military kids. They shut down all the major roads, and sent us home. Kids that didn't like each other at 9 AM that morning were hugging goodbye. I finally got to my little brother, who was 11 so I could get him home. They hadn't told him anything other than "a plane crashed in NYC". He asked what really happened- the older kids said it was an attack. I told him, gently. He asked me where Dad was. I told him he was evacuating DC, last time I heard. Then he asked me why someone would do this to us. I couldn't answer.
Finally, the night ended when I picked my Dad up at a bus stop. It was late, the sun was setting, and I broke down sobbing when I saw my dad slowly, tiredly step off the bus. He'd seen the Pentagon burning. He looked about ten years older that night. But that still remains the BEST moment of my life- knowing my Dad was home.

I'm glad to hear your dad was safe too! And sorry for the long comment... I don't know where all that came from! I think, especially for high schoolers who lived where the attacks happened, it was a life changing event that really shaped a lot of us- for better or for worse.

MJW said...

I'm much older than you but I wrote about it in my blog as well! :) I loved your post. I love reading this today! I really loved this girls post today too:

Here's mine:

Thanks for sharing your story!

shansPLC said...

thank you for writing this piece, it's so important that people always remember what happened.

I woke up late that morning and was rushing to a dentist appointment and as I was driving there, I couldn't figure out why none of the radio stations were playing music. When I finally stopped to listen I was consumed by an overwhelming sorrow that I had never experienced and have yet to experience again in my life. I don't remember the rest of the drive to the dentist, but I do remember being irrationally angry at the receptionist because she was giving me a hard time because I was late and I ended up storming out of the office and crying in my car, then I went to my grandmother's house because being with her always makes me feel safe.

Cathi said...

one of my friends lost a couple family members in the towers. she was there as well an hour before but left. my heart goes out to everyone who lost loved ones in the towers. we are all forever changed.

The Novelista Barista said...

thank you for sharing your memories

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I posted about this today as well.

How lucky that your dad wasn't there--divine intervention, for sure.

Andhari said...

Amazing post! Even after all these years, seeing these still make me sad.

Ali said...

I was also in school in NY when the towers were struck. There are and never will be any words.

OceanDreams said...

Great tribute - I just saw another one as well so it is good that we are taking the time to reflect and remember. I was in HS at the time and we just stopped and listened to what happened. My boyfriend's friend actually died that day, but I just found out recently. My heart goes out to everyone who felt the pain of loss, my heart goes out to them still today!

accidentally, kle said...

this was very touching and wow is your dad lucky! so many have stories similar to that - there were a lot of angels around that day. i was safely thousands of miles away in Malta, but had just taken a friend to the airport. I got home, and there it was on TV, and I panicked. Nothing was completely making sense at that time, all I knew was that it was a tragedy that had to do with planes so I panicked for my friend who was boarding her plane at the time. Turns out it had nothing to do with it, of course, and she was perfectly safe. But even over in Europe, I was glued to the TV completely speechless for the next few days - and I'd never even been to New York at the time.


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