Friday, September 25, 2009

S Called

S called me today.

Revert back to this post if you don't know who I am talking about.... Falling Back Into It
We haven't talked since Labor Day weekend... because of that crazy bitch.
Oh my god.
This is how it started:

12:12 PM me: Talk?
12:15 PM Really? I mean, what the fuck Steve, u wont even give me a chance to explain anything? How is that even fair? I guess our friendship really wasnt that important to you
12:17 PM At least tell me to fuck off or something so I can let u and forget who u are

And he called me like 2 hrs ago.

Holy shit

I was like uh, hi?
and S goes.. don't know why i haven't talked to u... i was really mad, the "girl" said i told her to fuck off (WHICH I DIDN'T) and I laugh as I continue to listen to him tell me this. I ask him why don't u tell me why ur calling me and hes like i don't know, i wanted to hear what u had to say
and i needed some space and time to figure out who i believed and what i was going to do and figure out this shitty situation im in and stuff like that

I told S what happened , what REALLY happened and I go, S, shes fucking nuts.

I told him i couldn't believe he ever thought of me doing that.. and that that sucks on my part, because i wasn't a good enough friend for him to think that i would actually do that.

then he started getting into whats going on with him and her and all this stuff and how he doesnt know what hes doing and blah blah

and im just like, S, thats because ur a fucking idiot and a pushover and ur letting her walk all over u and ur doing it to yourself

I just wanted to be like... go fuck yourself for letting that girl treat me like that... but instead i was just like.... Honestly? I dont ever want to meet that bitch because ill punch her in the face and i dont hope that u two work out because shes a crazy bitch.

i was like" do u only call me when ur life sucks?" and hes like no..... and some other shit. Hmm... we'll see if that is true or not...

im just glad that i told him my side becuase i was really stressing about it. I hate fighting/not talking to people. It really bothers me so much and I hate when people think I am worse than I really am.
I am glad I was able to tell my side. So if he wants to continue talking to me, fine, but it won't be the same. That was really a smack in the face for me.


The Girl of Make Believe said...

*Hugs* Hope it all works out!

Andhari said...

Hope everything works out. I agree he should not doubt you in the first place but sometimes girls just make guys go crazy and confusing like that.:(

The Novelista Barista said...

this is true.. crazy bitch!!!

floreta said...

oh, drama.. hope it smooths over

Nina said...

eeek! So did you and S make up? Girlfriend sounds crazy! Shouldn't S know you better?

The Novelista Barista said...

i guess he doesnt... hmm

Moonjava said...

Hope it works itself out! And I tagged you with an award!


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