Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Falling Back Into It

I can't believe its now the second week of September, Labor Day is over, 4th quarter is in full forward movement, and its freakin cold!
I mean, how did that happen so fast?

It has been a week since I have spoken or seen T and it is really stressful. It seems like I am doing better, but it is so hard. I have just been really busy. When I am not busy, I get really upset and realize what is really going on and how I am not too happy with the situation that is going on around me. So it sucks. Because then I start to miss T and remember what we had and I get sad.

So.. that still really sucks.

I had a good weekend though, I have been CRAZY busy. It is like non-stop.

I went upstate with my girl C and we chilled out at the pool all day and lounged basically. It was really nice and relaxing. Then we went to Woodstock, which I posted pictures from it and that was AMAZING! I haven't felt that inspired in a really long time, it was just awesome to see history like that. I cannot wait to read the book I bought from there. God I would have totally been there if I was alive....

What a freakin crazy mess. I would have LOVED it!!!

Then I came home, went out to dinner with a friend and had a great time. Once I approached the bar, a little tipsy, I received some missed calls from an friend of mine, I texted back, was told to call and low and behold its his "girlfriend" asking why Im texting/calling this late, as I proceed to say that I had missed calls so I wanted to see if everything was okay, and she tells me not to call and text him anymore, I'm like okay whatever, tell him to call me.
I am LIVID as i leave the bathroom after this happens, I proceed to continue drinking, I keep getting these texts from this girl now from his phone and Im like "I am not having this conversation wtih you through text messages! Tell S to call me tomorrow" because I know I am livid and do not want to be rude and I'm drunk so my patience are wearing very thin.
My poor friends at the bar saw me being extremely angry, I felt bad...but what am I supposed to do!?
So I am still at the bar, getting texts and missed calls and I stopped answering now. She is going back and forth with herself basically like, I dont want you talk to him, oh wait, im not a crazy gf, i do want you to talk to him... and all this shit.

We leave the bar, get to S's house and I get a phone call saying how could i do that to her and how could i be so rude and that him and I are no longer friends and he doesnt want to talk about it anymore. WTF? Uhmm...... I was shocked. Honeslty I have no idea WHAT he thought I said that was so rude.... I think I was very nice in that situation because there were so many more texts and calls in between what I told you that that for me to have NOT said anything mean, was good. And I know for a fact that I didn't, 1. i wouldnt do that over the phone, id just tell you to your face next time i saw you and 2. i wouldnt do that to my friends friend whom I know they care about. I would NEVER.

After i leave from that conversation and I go home, I proceed to receive NINE phone calls from them, in which I kept pressing end because by now its 4am and really? You both don't need to be calling me 9 times after "we're not friends anymore" and telling me (his girl) to come meet her. Are we 12?
I picked up the phone once, they didnt say shit so i hung the fuck up. If you have something to say, SAY IT WHEN THE PERSON ANSWERS THE PHONE. Don't continue to call over and over again! Let's be SERIOUS.

I wrote him a letter, explaining that I don't understand why he would be that mad at me after how it went down, but you know what? She most likely made some shit up or was mad that he talks to me or something along those lines that no matter what I say or do, I cannot win, he's probably "not allowed" to talk to and is passing it off like he really doesnt want to talk to me, and yeah. So thats awesome, I love losing friends over bullshit and jealous liars.

Went to the Hamptons with S & M, totally not what I was excepting out there! I was thinking it would be a young crowd, like bars lining the streets, all this shit...and all i saw were hedges and huge houses and like, nothingness!!!! Don't get me wrong, we had a good time and all by making the best of it, but really, I would have rather went down the shore because at least there were hot bars there!!! LOL... but I mean, it was good regardless.. I wasn't sitting around being depressed, so thats all that matters!

And now I am back to work.....fun! Class starts tomorrow for my attempts to still be a teacher! So we'll see how this class goes,,, because the spring class was horribly boring. Hopefully this will at least keep me awake!

PS --I basically have everything ready for my giveaway, so as soon as I get the OK i will be posting it! So be on the look out, fingers crossed for tomorrow!

How were your weekends blogger buddies?!


Stephanie said...

Don't feel bad all my teaching classes are a bore. Actuallly I was reading a book called Helping Children Learn Mathematics and quit to read your post. Your post is waaaay better :)

Sorry about your friend, but men love crazy. Sadly, I tend to lose touch with guy friends when they couple up. It's ridic.

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Sounds like you've been very busy!
My weekend was kinda boring!

My Wooden Heart said...

Great picture. You look beautiful as always. I can't believe the drama they put you through, must have been pretty annoying. I have to agree that he probably isn't 'allowed' to talk to you, sounds like she's a CRAZY gf.

OceanDreams said...

Glad work is keeping you busy, I know that helps when going through transitions. Sorry about all of the crap you have to deal with, they are not being nice to you! Hope that gets better!

Thanks for your sweet comments about my race, hope you have a good week love!

Nicole said...

Draaaaaama! I have had that happen before! I am like really!?! HS is over people! ANYWAY I am glad you were able to distract yourself and have fun! =D


chilled out at the pool all day with your bestie?! now THAT'S what i call winding down and relaxing.
glad that you had such a great time.


Miss Mercedes said...

LOL! Sounds like she's one of the most insecure women (girls) I've ever seen and he's well...not exactly manning up! Haha! Send them my way and let me at em! You did FANTASTIC with the ignoring part. You are amazing lady! If I could ever give anyone advice after a difficult breakup it would be to do EXACTLY what Ms Barista is doing. Good Stuff!!


Optimistic Pessimist said...

staying busy always helps.

i've found that if a guy has a crazy girlfriend it's usually because he's caused her to go crazy.

My ex always had something going on with other girls and would text them. when he would text girls he was just friends with I would freak because it brought back bad memories or made me think he was up to his old ways again (which he was as it turned out).

Or she could just be plain crazy. who know!

Rachel said...

So you like the movie?? Good! I want to go see it! :)

And WTF is up with that chick?? UGH. You should just ignore them both and be done with it! Keep the drama away, right?? :)


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