Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NB Life Update

I feel like I haven't told you anything about my life lately,,, and although it is not too exciting, you should know anyway! lol

Let's re-cap life...

So, it has been officially 2 weeks now since I have moved out and seen T. Pretty sad. The missing him is getting worse by the day when I try to figure out who I can go hiking with or who will go to Portsmouth with me, or who I can just chill outside with. And although we didn't do it that much, but I have been trying to think of WHO I would ask and I cant come up with anyone. And that is sort of depressing.. I mean I can always go by myself, but it's just that I know he would enjoy it and we would have fun together.......ugh, makes me sad. I still miss him, it is taking EVERYTHING in me not to call him or text him at ALL. I am surprised with myself that I haven't text him when I was drunk yet....

Keeping busy. That is basically the only thing I have to hold onto right now.

I started class.
Teaching class. I hate it. I'm not gonna lie. The only thing I like about it is that I am taking it with my one friend, but other than that? I don't care, I just want to go so I can say I am in grad school and doing something with my life.
I think I need to drop the class.

You know what is so frustrating though? That there are NO GRAD SCHOOLS FOR ADVERTISING!! I mean, seriously?! A lot of people have said that you don't need to go to grad school for advertising, but I'm like.... well? I am basically stuck in my life and my shitty job and I need OUT like NOW and I don't think I'm just going to get there by doing NOTHING.
I honestly have no clue what I want to do right now.
I want to do something related to the media industry. No clue what though. PR? Journalism? Marketing? Advertising? Online? Basically it needs to be anything online or dealing with social media/marketing/events/event planning.
Any clue what that would be considered? If you have ANY options/opinions for me, PLEASE by all means, comment and let me know! I am SO utterly confused. I need some direction.
photo credits: Jeremy G

The fashion shows were awesome, especially the couture one,,, as you can see from the pictures!

Tonight is the Yankee Game.. can't wait! This is prob the last of the season of my tickets, unless they go to the playoffs, then I think I have to fight my family members for them!

New Apartments!
We put the deposit down on the apartment, the two floor townhouse! It was $175, so if we find something better between now and November, then we can just lose it. But honestly, after looking at all of these crazy places, I don't think we will find any apartment any cheaper that is nicer in any way shape or form. So...... we are trying to move in November 1st. I hope this all works out and that it's not too expensive and everything.
I love my parents and I like living at home, but my life in is New York and I am here 6-7 days a week, it just doesn't make any sense for me to drive back and forth ALL of the time. Plus I sort of feel like I am waiting for T to call me since I am at home and I'm not doing really so I kind of feel like in the back of my mind I am not moving on either because I am just waiting. Everything is packed and ready in the basement in case he calls me and begs me back....do you know what I mean? It's sort of hard to explain in words,, but I guess I didn't want to believe that I was just waiting but not (since I was so busy) for him. So.... this should be interesting. This place is awesome so it should be really nice and IF I were to potentially get a job in the city, it is like 5 minutes from the train station.
is this all i do?! photo credits: eLjeproks

Old Apartment
So we are fighting with my old landlord to get my security deposit back. She says there was damage in the apartment -- lie -- that place was SO CLEAN and well kept, there was no ROOM for damage! She says I never gave her enough time, and I said well sweetheart, "emergencies" usually don't give you very much time. I am not asking for the full deposit back, but granted that our lease ran out in June and she never asked us to resign PLUS the fact that it never said anything about having to give 30 days notice in the lease..... she really doesn't have much to go by.
Then I find out today that she disconnected her CELL ?! Uhm... hello. I have your home AND work phone number as well as your home address.... Let's not play games here! That is a lot of money. Bitch. She better at least give me half back. I scrubbed that apartment down. I didn't have to do that, I could have left it disgusting for her ass to clean up.

And i think that is basically it.... besides job searching and soul searching and life searching.... too much searching! lol

how is your life doing?

PS: just thought it was extremely funny that my mom wrote me an IM calling the ex T. haahahh she was reading my blog i see.


amindinmotown said...

Blah, landlords. Even when you think you have a great one, you might be wrong...

Two weeks since you've contacted him? I'm proud of you! I never would have made it that long if in the same shoes, so it's great to hear you have. Yay! One day at a time is the most you can do, and two weeks is a huge step in the right direction.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

LOL! That was funny about your mom. Also, WTF is wrong with your landlord?!?!?! I would die!!!!!!

I hope you find an amazing new job that makes you forget all about T. Ok, not that THAT will happen, but you know what I mean.


mysterg said...

You don't need grad school for advertising although some knowledge helps - but there are enough books and online resources etc to help you.

If you want that elusive job in advertising (i'm assuming creative, look at the client list of each agency then build a portfolio of ideas tailored around them.

Keep busy, it may not seem easy at the moment, but the less time you have to think about these things the better.

Moonjava said...

Good luck with the new place! I'm sure everything will work itself out in time!

I'm rooting for you!

Nicole said...

HAHA! I love that my mom still does not know what a blog is =D she is so oldschool. We have been fighting with our old landlord too! since may...I am giving up hope. I might just have someone call pretending to be a LAWYER to scare him a lil lol it was alot of $$$ Good Luck! =D

BlueHazel said...

you can always ask me to sit outside and do nothing!!!

also, you should become an event planner like me!!! most stressful job EVER.

nessabirdie said...

I don't know how you feel about traveling out of state, but Michigan State University has a Grad Program for Advertising: http://cas.msu.edu/modules.php?name=Pages&sp_id=203


Good luck,

Ali said...

Thanks for the update! Seriously. :)

I feel you on the job front. I know what I want my area of expertise to be, just haven't exactly honed in on a specific focus yet. Frustrating.

Congrats on moving on and moving out! I'm working on the moving out part, haha.

Dana said...

My boyfriend and I broke up just about 2 weeks ago and it has taken everything I have not to text/call him. It sucks thinking about all the things couples do together - and now your second half is missing.

I hope your heart heals fast!

The Novelista Barista said...

thanks all... i will look into that program..
yeah, cant believe she calls him T soo funny...

dana... good luck... it sucks :(

M.J. said...

Sounds like you're doing the right thing after a break-up--keeping busy and doing for your self. I majored in communication-journalism and I work in public affairs, so e-mail me if you have any questions about the field. :)

Children of the 90s said...

Good for you! It sounds like things are going pretty smoothly. I know it probably sucks now, but you are doing great :) Good luck and keep us updated on everything!


I was a marketing major, and I absolutely loved it! Good stuff!

CAC muffin said...

hang in there sweet thing!

jessilynyoo said...

Hey! I'm in advertising and just wanted to let you know that most jobs require some internship experience in the industry. There are so many opportunities out there in PR, advertising, and marketing, and it's worth applying to them to build your resume - you don't even need any experience for most of them, since you learn on the job. Also, depending on the department and field that you are interested in, you don't necessarily need to have a degree in advertising. I was a psych major in college and am now working in Account Management at a branding and design firm in NY. Agencies just like to see experience, related interests, and a sense of persistence and hard work. Best of luck!


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