Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dates, Fishing and Ex-talk. Hmmm

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Interesting weekend I had so far. I hope you did too!

Just wanted to thank the ones who have sent in stories for the broken heart files!! So excited to start this... I just thought of some more stories that I have to post.... lol i might just use some pictures to help you understand the scumminess.

Work FINALLY ended (was that NOT the longest week EVER?) I went I guess I could say on a date on Friday night. It was my BFF's friend, and we went out to dinner a week or so ago but this time I guess it was more on "date" level, whatever that qualifies as I guess?! He picked me up at my house... so I guess that brings it to the next level, right?! I don't know, I haven't been on a date in like.... over 5 years.

So we go to the restaurant and didn't want to wait for a table inside so we sit outside. It wasn't dark out yet, a little chilly but manageable. So we were drinking outside and talking and waiting for our food and it ended up getting pretty cold and now we are still waiting for our food like an hour later and FREEZING to death outside! Apparently it turned into winter in a matter of an hour!? We finally get our food and eat as fast as possible and leave because it was kinda ridiculous how cold it was!

We go to an Irish bar down the road from my house and hang out there watching the Yankee game. We are sitting next to these three guys, kind of talking to them about the game and stuff, and as soon as my friend left to go to the bathroom one of them was like "Can I have your number?!?!!?" GEEZ!!! haha it was so funny that I didn't even know what to say I was just laughing.

It ended up being really fun, we had a good time.


I went fishing! My friend TB took me fishing on a lake and it was really fun because i caught a FISH! First time! Couldn't believe it! It was cool, but I felt really bad! I didnt take any pictures though because I left my phone in the car since the boat was really wobbly and I didnt want to ruin it if i fell in LOL. TB took the hook out and threw it back.. THANK GOD because I was TOTALLY not doing that. Poor little fishy! But it was still alive so I felt better about it.

Later that night I went out with some friends to a bar and one of them is T's best friend. So we were talking about him for a while and he was telling me that T had asked about me the night before and how I was doing. Sigh.... :(
R (t's best friend) was telling me that he had explained some situations to T that I had told him about and since T is very "set in his ways" he wouldn't hear anything I would say, so coming from his friend makes a difference because he actually listens! And R said that he was like "oh i didnt think of it that way...." YEAH T... i am glad u are NOW! geez.

R thinks he will call me sometime soon... :/ i dunno, I am not getting my hopes up. I miss him like crazy. I can hide it very well..... being a complete mess isn't going to get me anywhere.. so I have to be fine.

3 weeks and counting... holy crap :(

Today I didn't wake up until 2:30pm... DAMN.. totally missed going to the shelter today, UGH. I always feel so bad when I don't go because then I have to wait another whole week before I can go there. Ughhhhhhhhhh.. Frustrating.

And now, back to work tomorrow... oh geez..

How was your weekend?


Ali said...

Look at you, miss single lady! You must be sending out good vibes based on how quickly you got asked for your number, haha.

Good for you!

Dara Laine said...

Sounds like a date to me! haha My best friend is the same, she never know what's what in the dating scene. Not like I DO! haha

LOVE that a guy asks for your number as soon as the date is gone. Shameless! You're a hot commodity!!

Rich Hippie said...

wow sounds like an awesome weekend. I could sum up my weekend from shopping, listning to msuic while half asleep on the living room floor and blogging....
the bag by alexander wang!

The Novelista Barista said...

nicee sounds expensive!!! lol

~**Dawn**~ said...

Mine was quiet & boring. Just hung out watching baseball & football, decluttering a few boxes I had tucked into my storage closet. Oh! And I got a trim & fresh high lights Saturday morning. I needed a quiet weekend because they're about to start getting busier for me soon!

The Novelista Barista said...

Nice!!! did u take some pictures dawn?!

GARF said...

Weekends now means study to me and the rest of the time i spend either sleeping or playing PC games. Nez...u seemed to have some fun...not more but yes u did have something. :)
Hope u feel better with time to come and things work on your part related to the T-World of urs.

India Daisy said...

you sounding a bit happier now hey?
well i think so...time heals all wounds!
xoxo - sending you hugs from AFRICA!

Children of the 90s said...

I think you sound happier, too. That's so great! And one on one dinner and he picks you up? It sounds like a date to me. I'm so happy for you :)

Miss Mercedes said...

I love this line:

"being a complete mess isn't going to get me anywhere.. so I have to be fine."

You are amazing!

radiogael said...

Hey there, sounds like you had fun! And that was most definitely a date. I know what you mean about being a mess, but you're being really great by getting out there and not letting it overwhelm you.

You do sound a bit happier, and even though three weeks have gone by, you seem to be really coping well.

Hope you're good x

Carlotta said...

Hi dear, congrats you're the winner of MY WAY giveaway!!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Good for you!! That's awesome that you went on a date and got to go fishing. I noticed in breakups it's easier to keep yourself busy because it gets your mind off it. I wish you the best of luck with T. Guys are weird. They say they call and then you don't think they are going to and for that brief moment you dont think about them thats when they call. Or maybe not. It's soo hard to tell with guys.

I've been telling my close best friends lately this. Do whatever makes you happy. =) Kudos on catching the fish too!! I've never caught one.

My weekend was interesting. A new group I'm trying to fit into ruled the DJ at this bar and played every bad 80's & 90's song. But it got the whole bar dancing so it actually rocked!!

Hope your week is going good!!

amindinmotown said...

So I'm guessing you didn't give that random guy your number? Ha. Sounds like a fun time. So glad to hear you had a great weekend!!

OceanDreams said...

Very eventful weekend! I know, wish I didn't have to work again either. I want to catch a fish, I remember going fishing when I was a little girl.

Andhari said...

You're pretty and radiate charms, what guys wont ask for your numbers? lol enjoy single life for a while, it helps you think in the right perspectives.


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