Monday, September 28, 2009

BH Files - Hook Up Gone Bad

The worst happens to the best of us, at very unpredictable times, from the unexpected people.

My friend of two years and hook up buddy of two weeks just surprised the hell outa me and infuriated me all at once.

When we saw each other downtown, we talked about meeting up after I had my night with the ladies and he had his night with the guys. So, as I'm leaving the bars, I get a call from him asking me to come over and crawl in bed with him.

I got to his place around 4 am and ran up to his room. After an hour of amazing sex, he starts asking "aren't your roommates going to be worried about you" and saying "I think I should take you home" a bunch of times. So I ask him why he feels he should and he comes up with some bull shit answer. He tells me again he thinks he should take me home (all the rest of our hookups we have spent the night at each others places). This is all while I'm still lying naked on top of him. At this point it's pretty clear he doesn't want me there so I put on my clothes and peaced the fuck outa there.

I don't know who the fuck this kid thinks he is, but no one is going to disrespect me by fucking kicking me out at 5am. I'm not some slut, and even if I was, no girl should be treated like that. You don't fuck someone and just say "okay, get out now".

And then he had the audacity to come up and put his arm around me at the tailgate today as if I'm his girlfriend. And when I walked away without saying a word, he says "fuck you" and asks my friends why I'm mad. Anyone with an ounce of respect, at least I believe, would be pissed off.

He completely surprised me with that one since he's a nice guy that I've been friends with for years. But whatever, he can text me, call me, and try to talk to me, but I have no reason to give him the time of day after that, so I'm not going to.
At this point, I think that if he doesn't want to see me at 5 in the morning, after we just had sex, while I'm still lying naked on top of him, he doesn't deserve to see me period. Or talk to me for that matter, whether it's through text, in person, or over the phone.

-Lelali Di


DesBisoux said...

OMG!!! what an arse!! you're totally right to have walked off. guys will never stop to amaze me.and not in a positive way!
glad the sex was amazing though!
his lose! chin up darling...

Lelali Di said...

Thanks.. yea total ass. Thanks Jennifer!

OceanDreams said...

OH gosh, that guy was bad news! Good for you walking off when you did!

Kris said...

Ugh! Forget his ass. Don't answer his calls anymore. Be gone, oh master of douchebaggery!

My Wooden Heart said...

eeeeeeee -Jerk Alert!

nicole addison said...

annnd that's when you punch him in the face my friend :) oh and ms novelista i left you an award on my blog!

Elise said...

Good Lord, that's horrific!!! Guys can be such knobs. It's like they're missing chromosones or something. Wayyy better off without that crap.

Andhari said...

Nicely said! Guys like that deserve to be kicked out of the door as well :D

The Novelista Barista said...

seriously.... F that guy man!

T ™ said...

Booty buddies... I use to have one of those! Lol.

That does suck, but i guess it comes with the territory.

Screw him! (not literally of course!) lol.

you can do better than him. :)


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