Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh What a Night(s)

my fortune cookie hahah no JOKE.. got this at the chinese restaurant!

Holy hangover!

I had my party on Friday and it was really fun. I must say that I had a good time and I hope that everyone else did as well. It was an interesting bunch I had going on there, but all in all, good crowd. Especially the beer pong crowd... whom I liked to talk a lot of smack to once wasted lol

A whole bunch of stuff happened that night that I cannot get into on here unfortunately because too many people read my blog :/ , but I don't know, I was wasted and I had a great time, and was happy, so that is what I am happy about. Because I haven't had a great time in a long time and I think it was well deserved on my part. Plus I throw some good parties anyway, and I haven't in a long time, so that was nice!

Then I spent the next two days being hungover.
I watched the Notebook again, dreamed about how I need to have that! Why can't we have that? Is it possible?? Does that really exist? I have faith that it does. I believe it. I mean maybe not exactly like that or anything because that was dramatic and a movie but I think people are able to love each other that much and be happy... I really do. Maybe that makes me a sucker... probably. T always told me that hope was for suckers.

Went to the Yankee Game last night, it was a rain delay for I think only an hour but we met some people that my friend knew and it was fun times! Running back and forth across Yankee Stadium to find places to smoke and finally back to our seats and it wasn't raining anymore and the game was starting! Very cute boys indeed that we met! Rain delays always cause you to spend more money and drink more beer.... lol fun times!

hahah it rained

How were your weekends :)

PS..... I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow for my 200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to come back and sign up for a chance to win!


Anonymous said...

True love like that really does exist. It's just REALLY hard to find and hold on to. I like to think I've found it...Yep, I have for sure!

Glad you had a great weekend! You've been through hell lately and deserve some seriously fun times!! :)

Nicole said...

As long as YOU had a blast nothing else matters!! Woo hoo on Giveaway I will be back =D

The Novelista Barista said...

Niceee!!! thanks! :) i hope it does exist!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Sound like a great weekend friend. I'm glad you had fun!!

SOOOOO checking back for the givey

Anonymous said...

Certainly sounds like an awesome time. I need to throw a good party soon. I miss parties.

OceanDreams said...

You will have the kind of love from The Notebook, I am sure of it. Keep holding on girl! I know it is tough right now and you are hurt and mad, but you deserve only the best and a great guy will find you in time. Believe me, when I was down and out I never thought I would find love. Look at where I am now! Glad you had fun at the Yankee game and partied the weekend away!

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Lovin' the pics and the fortune cookie lol.

Jessilyn said...


omg that fortune cookie had me up in stitches from laughing so hard. It is so something out of a movie. I bet you had a good giggle over that one!

Meg said...

ahh The Notebook, how I love that movie and ask myself the exactly same question every time I watch it (can this actually happen...?). anyway, I like your blog!


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