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BH Files - A Melodious Romance

A Melodious Romance

When I was just barely 18, I was madly in love with a guy. We will call him, “Tim.” He was madly in love with me too. We had been dating about 3 months, and it was great. He used to always sing a song he wrote for me, called, “Flow of the Heart.” He sang it for me whenever we were snuggling or just relaxing. He occasionally used some of the lyrics when he texted me. For example, “See you tomorrow sweetheart. And remember: “My world crumbles when you are not near, so, my love, follow me here.” -excerpt from my diary.
Yes, it was extremely cheesy. But I always loved it, knowing that it was an original piece of music written just for me. There were times that he would strum his guitar with me by his side, and hearing him sing those words would just leave me glowing with happiness. We occasionally harmonized together, and he was so supportive of my absolute love of music and singing. I could not even begin to describe the joy that came with loving Tim. Just the way he looked into my eyes, the way he kissed me, the way he held me in his arms was so incredibly romantic. I’d have to snap out of the trance just to get things accomplished in my daily life. Did I mention I wrote everything about him in my diary? And yes, I mean everything. Oh the bliss and jubilance of young love!! (Not that I'm not still young.)

A few months went by, and we were still together, but it just wasn’t the same. I still loved him. He still loved me. But things just weren’t as romantic as they used to be. I didn’t expect his extreme romance to last through the entire relationship. But it felt like it was just gone completely.

Well one day, a crazy, freak coincidence smacked me in the face. I was visiting a really good friend of mine, named “Sandy”. Her friend, who I will call “Olivia”, was over at her house too. I had never met Olivia before. We were introduced. The three of us went out to get some lunch. We were all just chatting and gossiping like girls do. Sandy needed to use the bathroom, so it was just Olivia and I. I tried to keep a conversation going, but it seems that she was a little slow when it came to warming up to people. There was a little awkward silence as we waited for Sandy to come back and break it. I just figured I wasn't going to get this girl to talk until she came back. I just took out my phone and pretended like I was doing something important. Olivia began to hum a song very quietly, but I could hear it. It grabbed my complete attention.
I knew that song. I had heard it many times from a very special person in my life. It was MY song. How did Olivia know it? I asked her very casually, “what song are you humming?” She smiled a big bubbly smile and told me, “Oh, it’s just a song this guy wrote for me.” I thought she was kidding. Had Sandy told her about my boyfriend and how he wrote me a romantic song? Did Sandy overhear Tim singing it for me, and then sing it for Olivia? Was this all their plan to make fun of my love-drunkenness with him? How did this chick know that song?!

“Is he your boyfriend?” My face was flushing. I was scared. But I put on a fake smile.

“Well, he’s kinda my boyfriend. We really really like eachother.” Her face was lit up as she was talking about him. She told me about how they met in their summer music class and how on their first date he sang her this song that he wrote just for her. I thought to myself, If you only like each other, then why did he write you a love song?
I tried to act happy for her, “What’s his name?”

I almost fainted then and there. There was no way she was lying to me. I could see it in her face. And I knew that song when I heard it. That was MY song. He wrote that song for ME... because he loved ME. I just loved him so much. I thought he loved me too.
I left the restaurant. I stood outside. I dialed Tim’s number. I waited. He answered. I said these words: “I know about Olivia. Bye Tim.” Turns out he met Olivia, and fell in love with her. He sang that same love song for her, claiming he wrote it especially for her. I swear things like this would only happen in cheesy movies. I mean, did Sandy not know that her two friends were with the same guy?! How the hell did this happen? I just cannot believe the chances of Olivia and I meeting each other. I don't even believe in chance; everything happens for a reason.
I met the girl he was cheating on me with, and the way I found out about the cheating was through a song. A love song. A song in which the lyrics ate me up inside as I replayed them in my mind after that day. Even now I can sing the song for you and describe the moments we shared, but not because it still means anything to me. I just have a very vivid memory. He called me a couple days later to explain himself and apologize, and I imagine he was extremely embarrassed by the way he was caught. I’m typically not a dramatic person, so I got over him fairly quickly. It was only 6 months anyway- no big deal. I'm sure he has sung that beautiful piece of music for many other girls he "wrote it for". Seems to me he's just a Don Juan, and it makes me wonder if he actually wrote that song just for me in the first place. Probably not.
To put some positivity into this post, I’ll have you know that a couple months later, I met someone else. Someone who wasn’t a romantic freak. His ways of proving his love for me go way further that a stupid love song. I’ve been with him for almost a couple years now, and though I don’t know that this relationship will last forever, I know that this love I feel for him is different. It’s more meaningful. And I’ve learned a big lesson from my time with Tim: A relationship is not just about the feelings and the romance. It takes strength and selflessness. It requires getting out of 'LaLa Land' and into reality. I can't say that I wasn't hurt by that guy. But heartbreaks only make your heart stronger, so I'm grateful for the experience.
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