Monday, November 2, 2009

San Francisco Love

I had a great time.

Yes I most definitely drank way too much, WAY too much. When I got there, my friend Sterling picked me up and we drove to Santa Cruz. When I got to his house, we played many many rounds of beer pong with his roommates and got incredibly wasted. As soon as I went to go to sleep, I could tell I was not feeling okay AT all,,, ran out the front door and puked all over their front steps.

Welcome to California.

The next day we drove around Santa Cruz and drove on Coastal Route 1! Which was part of my list that I wanted to accomplish! Then we watched the Yankee Game as they lost, went to his friends house and played drinking games, went to like 7 different bars and went drinking hardcore. We were with a bunch of people and it was a pretty good time. Finally we got back to his friends house and I think there was a mild porno going on in the hot tub but I was so drunk and tired that i went to sleep on the couch and let the craziness go on around me.

The next day we spent being entirely hung over and just lounged around and cooked dinner, watching the yankee game and passed out sooo early.

The next day we went to San Francisco and that was the best time ever!! Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, went to Pier 39 and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, stayed at our BALLER hotel room at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel which we got for $40 because I had a free night at and we were able to use it that night for a hotel room up to $400 a night, so we tried to get the nicest one possible. And it worked.

We went out clubbing that night and had a GREAT time, I FINALLY got to dance and it was awesome and I loved every minute of it. We didnt get back to the hotel until like 5am.. oh man. Crazy night!

And the streets are crazy there!!!! I love it!!!

The next day we drove around San Francisco and went onto Haight Street, which was awesome, but I didnt have enough time to get out and go to all the stores I wanted to go to... which was probably better so I didn't spend lots of money, which I definitely could have on that road!!!

Then I had to leave :/

So everything I wanted to do in California and this is what I actually got done...

  • Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge ----DONE!

  • Go to a winery ----NOT done due to the massive amounts of alcohol i consumed every night
  • Go to some awesome funky coffee shops ----DONE!!! Although I didnt go into many of them, but I did go into some cool ones.
Santa Cruz Coffee Roasters

  • Cable Cars! ------DONE!! I saw them and they were awesome!

  • Alcatraz ---- Saw it from afar... def need more to go to it!
  • MAYBE Yosemite National Park if I can get there! ---No way it was def too far!
  • DRIVE on Route 1!!!!! -----DONE!!! Drove on it from Santa Cruz to San Francisco!!

  • Pier 39 (thanks Laura Marie for the idea!) ----DONE!!! Went to Bubba Gumps Shrimp
  • Hate Street and Cha Cha Chas Restaurant (Thanks Seriouslyright? for the ideas!) ----DONE!!! I went to HAIGHT STREET! haha it was THE SHIT!!! I loveeeeed that street. I did not eat at Cha Cha Chas though :/

So.. my overall opinion on Cali was that it was really cool. BUT...... I still love New York... and I wish it was warm here all the time. Oh and I wish we had mad funky roads!! Cuz they are the best! But San Francisco was aweosme and I would love to go back and spend more time there.

I am planning on going to San Diego for my birthday in March hopefully. I would loveeee to go to southern California!! New goal!

Here are the rest of my awesome pictures :) CALIFORNIA PICS



defining amy said...

what a fun trip!! you got so much fun sightseeing in. i love love love your ocean pictures. it sounds like you probably need a vacation from your vacation. hope you have a good week.

Kimberly said...

Love all the pictures from San Francisco and Santa Cruz. It's making me excited to check it out. Definitely sounds like you got to visit almost everything you had planned on seeing. I love all the photographs, thanks for sharing!!!

The Novelista Barista said...

thanks!! anytime :)

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Glad you had fun, great pics.
And for the can never drink too much haha.

allaboutg said...

I am soooo jealous! I'm dying to go to San Francisco; well I need to actually visit the States first :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing time, and I'm jealous beyond words. I've always wanted to go to San Fran. It's near the very top of my list.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Looove the pics, and the streets ARE crazy. Come to San's closer to me!!! jajaja
I went and I defzzz loved it.


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