Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phone Update

I figured I needed to update everyone on what I decided to do with my and T's phone situation (plus I really need to talk about it as well, since this is the last tie I have to him)

So i spoke to everyone, heard all of your thoughts... and thank you btw,, it really really helped because I didn't think it was that big of a problem before I started talking to his friend R and then I wrote that post. Apparently it was a def big no no! So i finally spoke to my mom and she convinced me that since he hasn't tried to get back with me, contact me, see if i am alive, anything like that.. its been three months and nothing. My mom, who its the shit btw :) , she told me I should text T and tell him myself that I would be canceling the phone instead of having one of his friends tell him.

I, naturally, freak out and get nervous and don't want to do that. She goes, "that is the problem you had when you were dating; go ahead be strong" Ah, touche Mother, touche..... I never voiced my opinion and I never spoke back to him and I was always afraid to say anything to him for some reason... who knows.

I ended up calling Verizon and talking to them about what to do. And seriously? THANK GOD FOR VERIZON!!! The guy is going to call T by the 20th and have him fill out a form and switch the phone into his name. So i don't even have to do ANYTHING! Verzion is going to do my dirty work FOR ME! Amazing. But if T doesn't answer the phone or cooperate, then he is going to call me back by the 20th and I will pay the cancellation fee.

So I manned up and text T this after that convo:
"Hi. I wanted to let you know Verizons gonna call you to switch the phone into your name by Nov. 20th. Hope everything is good. Jen"

AH I was freaking out. Obviously he did NOT respond to me. Nor did I think he would, but that is the first time I have text him since we moved out.

I ended up talking to R last night for an hour about the whole T situation and he was telling me his opinion and he thinks that T and I just had a serious communication misunderstanding, which really sucks because I can definitely see that being true, but that's only because T is a stubborn bitch. But he basically told me that I need to move on and that maybe one day if T and I ever run into each other at a party we'll talk but other than that he doesn't think itll happen anytime soon. And let me tell you, that will NEVER happen. I will avoid AT ALL COSTS to go to a party where T will be. Screw that... I dont need that.

In the end... I manned up and by Nov 20th, there will be no T left in my life whatsoever.. except for some of our furniture that I have in my new apartment... but that's it.


I don't know how i feel about this. I have no emotion left for this. :( Everything about T makes me numb.



Anonymous said...

that is a very funny picture! in a good way!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL yeah its very fitting

Kristin said...

It hurts and is a pain in the arse now, but down the road, you'll barely remember what this felt like. : )

Moonjava said...

Glad to see that Verizon is being so great about it! Buck up girlie! Everything will work itself out!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

YAY for manning up and texting him. And T's a stubborn bitch ajajaja hilarity.

You go girl! You def don't need any lil pieceds of T left in your ah-ma-ZING! life.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...


Vartikaz said...

Take care!

M.J. said...

Good for you girl!

GARF said...

Really..the pic is something...
Nez..good that u moved ahead...thngs happpen for good. You might have to wait till you see it..

Anonymous said...

Big step and seriously, good for you. VERY BIG step in the right direction.


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