Monday, December 14, 2009

2010 Resolutions - Carrie

By Carrie at Address the World

I usually never make New Year Resolutions because I have a bad habit of not keeping them. Then again, my resolutions for past years have been more than a little outlandish. So to kick off 2010 (OMG! How did it get here so fast?!?) I am going to challenge myself to try and fulfill some simpler things:

1) Smile more. At least once every day. No matter what. End of story. Too much of life is wasted in sadness and anger.

2) Stop giving up! I begin so many projects only to quit them before I'm finished. This year I want to actually finish some things. Like a short story. I want to write at least one short story that I think has potential.

3) Learn how to make my own pasta sauce. Everyone says it's better, and it has to be more rewarding. This year I want to kick the store bought pasta sauces and start making my own.

4) Start dressing like a grown up. I want to be treated like an adult, so I may as well start trying to look like one. No more hoodies and sweats for me unless I'm at home.

5) Learn how to speak at least a little German. This is an important one! How am I supposed to move to Germany if I can't even say hello in the native language???

6) Donate to charity. Even if it's just a donating my time. I just want to be able to honestly say that I've done something to help someone a bigger way than just holding a door. ;)

7) Don't let all the planning get me down. I am in the midst of planning a wedding, a college transfer, and an international move. I am making it my goal to stop worrying about the parts of this process that I cannot control. It's doing me absolutely no good whatsoever, and there are much more important (and happy) aspects that I need to be focusing on instead.
And there you have it guys. My fingers are crossed and my resolve is strong...that's a good sign, right?




Seyma said...

wow it's a great list!!

Kattrina said...

I make my own pasta sauce. It's easy, just has to cook ALL day long, which can be annoying if you have places to go. I usually make a TON and then freeze the leftovers in quart-sized ziplock baggies. These work best because they are perfect portions and they can lay flat in the freezer so take up much less space.
Good luck with your other goals!
PS. You will most likely succeed in #2 - your wedding is a mighty big project that you will most likely finish!

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for including my list! :)

Amanda said...

Great list! Good luck with all your goals:)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

#! is definitely a good one to follow!

pinkapplecore said...

I'm really liking number 4. I hope Carrie gets to do all the things on her list.

Kristin said...

I am the worst at keeping my resolutions too. I'm hoping to change that this year! You have some fabulous goals there. : )

Laura said...

Umm, the German word for "Hello" is "Hallo", just FYI. Now you know one word!

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL laura ! nice!

Kris said...

Another fabulous list!


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