Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only a Couple More Days

Absolutely nothing is going on here at work this week. Many people are quitting and giving their two weeks.

Especially my two best friends at work. I am extremely happy for them, and then at the same time, extremely sad for me. It is getting harder and harder to be happy for them since I am still stuck here. I have been applying for jobs like crazy and I have gotten a couple phone interviews but I don't understand why they aren't going any further. Granted it is a holiday week and that is the last thing people are thinking about but come on WTF.

I know, I know. "Be happy you have a job" And really, I am. But I'm not. I want to get to the next step in my life already. I have been here almost 4 years and I am wasting my hard work on a bad place. I want to be somewhere where there is a future and potential. Thank god my boss is cool because otherwise I would have went crazy already.

I hope to god I am out of here in January. It is going to be so bad.... my boss will be away, 2 open territories, my sales associate will be off for a week. HORRIBLE. I just don't understand why I can't get one :(

UGH and to top it all off, T sent my parents a Christmas card in the mail. It is most likely because I sent his parents one, but still. UGH... Every time anything happens with him I feel like I am going to puke. It's crazy... I felt like that ALL summer.. No wonder I lost so much weight.

I should never have broken the contact... ugh.. why did I do that?! I was trying to be nice.. and I'm sure he was too but still. But I guess I didn't really.. it was just to his family...and now here I am still thinking of him, and how that was really nice...... why does this happen to me :( cant it just all go away!? it is ALWAYS SOMETHING. I just want it to stop.

ugh.... trying to be nice...

F niceness.


...kate said...

i still feel that way about my ex and it's been more than two years since we broke up. sometimes i wish he was a complete twat so i could hate him but actually, even though i believe our break up was right, i am sad he's not a bigger part of my life.

i am probably not helping you....sorry :)

oh, and i don't think you shpould feel like you need to be grateful for the fact you have a job. if it's not for you, or if you're stuck in a rut, you have every right to hope and aim for better things.

have a lovely christmas xx

Anonymous said...

After dating three years and breaking it off, I sent my ex's family a Christmas card anyway. If you were close or even on a friendly level with his parents, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And it was a very nice gesture for him to send one to your parents.

I know it's sad, especially this time of year, and the job situation can't help, but keep your chin up girl. A new year, a new beginning, is right around the corner.

Jenni said...

Girl I feel you 110% on the job situation. I feel the exact same as you described. This is why I've taken this whole week off work. I will be back to the unhappy grind next week, but at least I have a few days off to try to find my happy place again :) Plus I'm so sick of hearing "you should be thankful to have a job" - I mean seriously, WTF, I should be thankful that my job sucks and I'm miserable at it everyday and on top of it, I don't get paid jack shiz.

Boo to being single and unhappy about your job. Let's get on the wine boat together sister, seriously, I'll bring the first bottle. I'm so with you :) xoxo.

The Novelista Barista said...

bottles of wine here we come jenni!!!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

F niceness!!! jajajaja

Valerie said...

I can relate to the job thing.


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