Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jersey Shore on MTV

If there is one thing that is totally true, it is this show. Yes, it may be degrading, yes offensive, yes disgusting, yes ridiculous. But there is one thing it is NOT; which is FICTION! You can't make this shit up.

I mean seriously, people have been complaining that it is offensive and whatever. WHO is it offensive to? There have been worse shows! I don't understand. This is how these kids are, so who is offensive to? People who are basically like that? YEAH --- it SHOULD be offensive to you. Because you suck! And you're being aired on TV just like that. So, deal with it!

Have you ever BEEN to Seaside Heights? Ever BEEN down the shore lately?! I just went this past summer when they were filming this show, and we just missed the filming by a night AND we were at the club Bamboo. It is not made up. This is really how it is. It has constantly gotten worse over the years and now its at the all time worst, ESPECIALLY Belmar! HA! That place is a joke, they think Seaside is offensive? Yeah, go to Belmar.

If you haven't seen it, its on MTV Thursdays at 10pm. Just check it out.

Tell me what you think. Have you seen it before? What are your thoughts and opinions? Is this show offensive or not?

Check out an episode below... hahahha this one is hilarious!!!!!!!!



Nicole said...

I've seen previews & its embarrassing for mankind! Maybe its true but Geez I didnt think MTV was THAT desperate?! No wonder everyone wants their commercials taken off while it airs!

Socially Conscious Darling said...

I watched the first episode and I don't know how I sat there that long watching it. I don't find it offensive. I just find the people to be dumb as hell. I want that 2 hours of my life back. :)

The Novelista Barista said...

LOL i hear you!!!!

Kristina said...

This show is so sad but so true. I live in Philly so we all know the real shore people who are exactly like this...I tried watching it and I couldn't its absolutely horrible. It's gotten a lot of press about how stereotypical it is but I mean that's how they's pretty true to reality :)

Sophia said...

I love this show. I don't care what anyone says, it is absolutely hilarious. The people in it do the stupidest things and it's hilarious. Snookie is my favorite. In that video, notice how Vinny has pit stains... hehehe

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