Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December's Coffeehouse - That Coffee Guy

1. Name of your coffee shop and location, address phone # and website:

That Coffee Guy located in Alamosa Colorado
106 blanca Ave. Alamosa Co, 81101 SLV regional Medical Center
1st and edgemont Alamosa Co 81101 ASC's Nielsen library

2. How long have you been open?

Open since July 2007 @the SLVRMC

Open since August 2009 @ ASC

3. What is your signature drink?

My signature drink is Make Me Something.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by all of the flavors and variations of coffee and tell me, "make me something." I used to make them something unique on the spot, but when they would come back and tell me to make them whatever I had made them before, I couldn't remember. So I came up with a recipe. Make Me Something has been a great success. So now when someone says Make Me Something, they get something they'll enjoy every time.

4. Why did you pick the name and location?

The name was given to me: In the hospital people would meet at the cart and would say, "I'll meet you downstairs in the front near that coffee guy." ASC remodeled one floor of their library to become a study lounge and wanted to include a full service coffee shop, so they came to the best and now That Coffee Guy serves two locations.

5. What makes your shop different from another independent coffee shop?

That Coffee Guy makes coffee a culinary art by making each cup of coffee a rich and delicious treat as well as taking care of those who want a tasty cup of pick-me-up. That Coffee Guy takes care of those who want a simple cup of coffee to those who have a recipe for their perfect cup of coffee. That Coffee Guy knows the customers and what they want down to how hot and what flavors. When you go That Coffee Guy, you are guaranteed a friendly barista who is looking forward to serving you time and time again. That Coffee Guy is ready to make your perfect cup of coffee. At That Coffee Guy, your coffee and smile are waiting for you.

6. What is your favorite coffee drink that readers should try?

A 16oz triple shot in the dark Au Lait with Carmel…not for the weak of heart.: 7 oz soy(cold), 3 shots of espresso, 5 oz coffee(hot), shot of Carmel….most readers probably want to start off with a single and more coffee. It's not too hot so it can go down fast and strong enough to get you moving right away.

Thank you That Coffee Guy for participating!



Ashley said...

Woo hoo! Represent Colorado coffee! I'll let you know about some good indies here! They're pretty few and far between out here in Greeley, Colorado, but we have a few. Great feature! I love the idea of featuring coffee shops!

Chase said...

This is awesome!

I fully appreciate the fact that he turned "Make Me Something" into a legitimate drink.

Nicole said...

I love this idea! It would be nice if everyone could do one for their local independent coffee places. If I am ever in CO I will show some love! =D

The Novelista Barista said...

Nicole that is what i am hoping to do!!!!! Trying!! :)


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