Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cold Spring - A Dog Day

It was around 50 degrees on Sunday and I wanted to go somewhere outside so the roomie & Simba came with me to Cold Spring. I love Cold Spring. That is my "away from it all but not that far away" spot. It's close enough that I can drive there for the afternoon and far enough away that no one will be there.

I love to go there and just hang out, walk around, go hiking, eat some lunch.

I used to go there with T all the time, so I have been wanting to make new memories there so when I go there, it doesn't just remind me of T. I invited someone else but they ended up being busy, and I got upset about it for many different reasons, all being mostly that I can't hold them to anything because we are only hanging out... soooooo... needless to say the roomie saw my anger increasing because it was nice out and I was stuck, so she came with me.

And we had a great time. So did Simba.

Although Cold Spring is definitely no Portsmouth, and the Hudson River is definitely not the Atlantic Ocean, it was still nice enough for the short period of time that it was warm and sunny!



jamie said...

What a cute pup!

Alicia said...

omigosh it looks amazing! i want to go!! i need to rent a car and go some weekend! your photos are beautiful!

angel6033 said...

that is lovely, I wish I had something like that in SAn AN. I think there are some parks and stuff but always so full of people nothing solitary, I love your dog name too :) very cute..


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