Monday, December 28, 2009

Off to See The Tree!

Hi All!

Welcome back to the post-Christmas life!

I have lots of posts and blogs that I need to catch up on but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Christmas was lovely, thanks for all of your lovely comments & cards :) They were awesome!

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I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well.

I am off to see the tree with TB in Rockefeller Center in the city. I CANNOT wait! I have never actually been to see the tree.... how sad is that?! That i live in New York, like 35 minutes from the city and have never been.... LAME!

So, on that note, I am taking my New York life to another level and joining the many tourists and becoming one of them today.

More tomorrow.




angel6033 said...

aww, well have fun being a tourist!!

Jenni said...

Oh girl I'm so, so jealous that you get to go see that tree. If I lived that close to NYC I'd be there all the time doing tourist things. Seriously, I love doing fun things like that :)

Hope you have fun tonight and so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas!

The Girl of Make Believe said...

Ah very cool.
Hope you have fun :)

Alicia said...

Enjoy! Hopefully it's not too crowded! Make sure you get a warm drink to warm your fingers while you enjoy the tree lights!

Garf said...

Can you make sure that you get some pics posted of the place...?

OceanDreams said...

I hope that the tree was amazing, it sure looks amazing from all of the pictures I have seen. Have a great time!

Kattrina said...

Oh, I love the tree! I totally understand though - I've never seen the White House tree and I work three blocks from it. Totally lame. One day though!

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